35 brave early risers gathered at Urban Jungle on a warm October morning.  Disclaimer was given and a welcome to the two FNGs (Box of Chocolates and White Fudge) followed by a quick jog over to the parking lot next to the Exxon station for the warmup:
– SSH x 20
– Good Morning x 15
– Imperial Walkers x 20

Partner up and jog down the ramp and into the parking deck. Run to the back right parking area.
P1 runs a lap around the perimeter while P2 does burpees. Flapjack.  Do this for a while then plank it out.

Plank exercises:
– Low plank hold
– Regular
– Chillcut
– Regular
– Low plank hold

Followed by some Freddie Mercury’s, LBC’s and a 6 inch leg hold.  I was going to cut off the 6 inch leg hold at around 30 seconds but then the whistle chatter began so the leg hold continued until the whistling stopped.

Jog up the stairs to the parking lot and split into two groups

– run to the stop sign next to the Steakhouse, 15 merkins
– run to the fountain, 15 wide grip merkins
– run to the Renaissance Hotel, 15 diamond merkins
– run back to the starting point, monkey humpers until group 2 arrives

Group 2 does the same thing but waits to start until Group 1 has finished with the first station.  Monkey humpers while we wait.

Plank it out and wait for all of the PAX to finish.

I misjudged how long the first exercises would take so at this point we had about 15 more minutes than I expected.  So the rest of the exercises were made up of a few of my favorite things:

– bear crawl to the end of the JC Penny’s building
– line up against the wall for some People’s Chair, balls to wall, merkins
– bear crawl to the other end of the parking lot, 15 star jumps and I don’t remember what else

Head back to our starting point for some Mary led by F3’s finest life coach, Tony Robbins:
– Russian hammer
– heels to heaven
– reverse LBCs
– Freddie Mercury


One member of the PAX isn’t accounted for so sound off in the comment section if you’re name is missing.
We welcomed two new FNGs – Box of Chocolates and Vanilla Fudge.  Thanks for joining us and we hope to see you in the gloom again soon!

During a recent trip to Seville, Spain to celebrate his wedding anniversary, Tony Robbins saw the flag above flying above the Real Alcazar. NO8DO is the motto of Seville. Legend has it that King Alfonso X bestowed the motto after his son tried to dethrone him and the citizens of Seville defended the king and the city.  Translated it means, “Seville has not abandoned me.”

As TR said it, F3 is similar to NO8DO – men who don’t abandon one another, who sharpen one another, who bear one another’s burdens, and who make one another better men.

Thanks for the inspirational words Tony and thanks for the Co-Q.  This was a fun first Q and I hope it was painful enough for the PAX!