8 posted at the Danger Zone this morning for some Dirty Thirty action. Even had a guest appearance by Ronald Reagan.

The Thang

4 stations were set around the parking lot where the PAX would perform 15 reps of a given exercise at a station, then jog to the next station to perform the next exercise. Felt like Dale Earnhardt Jr running counter-clockwise around the parking lot so many times.

Here’s the 30:
Sir Fazio Arm Circles
Imperial Walkers
Mounain Climbers
Std Merkins
Prisioner’s Squats
Plank Jacks
Left/Right Step-ups
Carolina Drydocks
Star Jumps
Quick Feet
Monkey Humpers
Balls to Wall
Box Cutters
Bear Crawl
Knee tuck jumps
Dying Cockroach
Jump Lunge
Heels to Heaven
People’s Chair
Plank Ups
Freedie Mercury
WW2 Situps
Russian Hammers


– City of Oaks half-marathon this weekend for those interested
– Raleigh Krispy Kreme Challenge signup begins Nov 1.  Run will be Feb 14, 2015.  http://www.krispykremechallenge.com/
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Prayers for:
– Wonk / M for their new baby
– Gentleman injured in a motorcycle accident
– Friend of Banjo’s daughter who is in the hospital