There’s a halfpipe at NCMA, who knew?  The 8 PAX who posted found out.  Grab a partner and let’s do this.

COP for warm up:

20X SSH, 20X IWs, 15X Windmills, 2X toe touch leg kick windmills…nope, that didn’t work -way to much coordination needed this early in the morning.  Let’s move on.

Warm up run down the Greenway and turn right onto the blue loop @ old train station depot. Pause for quick instruction and then:

The Thang:

@ water fountain (top of halfpipe) to stay on the blue loop heading back towards NCMA:

10X Burpees

Run down.

@ Bottom of Hill (halfpipe) before the CORNCOB:

20X Plank Jack:  Stay in plank.

20X Plank Tuck:  Stay in plank.

20X Ski Abs (left, center, right and back to center equals 1)

Get up and head to DOJO (top of halfpipe).  In DOJO:

20X Single Leg Squats (10X each leg)

15X Box Jumps

15X Dips

Back out the way you came (single file on the bridge as necessary), down the hill past the CORNCOB and up to the top of the hill (halfpipe) where we started.


Headed back to front parking lot (through Rings of Fire) for Mary and we had time for 40X Merican’ Hammers.


-Simple and efficient.  That’s how The Judge goes down.  Instruction must be kept minimal since you do not have the luxury of gathering the PAX and calling the next exercise.  This was a 45 min. smoker and the PAX stepped up and finished 4 circuits.  Simple is good, simple makes you strong.

-Partnering for this length of time also gives you an opportunity to learn about your fellow PAX, as long as you’re not catching your breath.  This typically happens about 5 mins in so get your conversation in early.


-City of Oaks this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.  Enron is your Q so look for the PAX at the Bell Tower.  More info tweeted out and pre-blasted.

-Convergence at Laurel Hills (Dawn Patrol) Thanksgiving Thursday.  Look for more details in the coming weeks.

-Swirly is Q for Turkey Trot and more details coming on this also.

-Krispy Kreme Challenge sign up begins soon, race is in Feb. on Valentine’s Day.

Prayer Requests:

-PAX (?) friend recently diagnosed with MS, young family’s son with rare form of Spina Bifida doing additional testing and possible surgery, and for PAX racing this weekend.

T&G out.