I signed up for the (pre) Birthday Q back in January while updating the Q sheet for 2019. Today’s the day! Let’s go!

Warm Up:
-Group mosey around the parking lot. Circle Up at the bottom of the lot.
-20 Side Straddle Hops (In Cadence)
-10 Good Mornings IC
-20 Imperial Walkers IC
-20 Mercans
-Plank to Downward Dog
-Left calf stretch for a 10 count. Right calf stretch for a 10 count
-World’s Greatest Stretch
-10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward IC
-10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles reverse IC

The Thang:
-Count off by threes for Pendulum. I tweeted out a poll last night for PAX to vote on Pendulum exercises. Out of 5 votes, Monkey Humpers won by a landslide with 4 votes, one for Mercans. Monkey Humpers at the start, Mercans at the top. Two rounds for everyone.
-PAX mosey to baseball diamond for what I’m calling “Home Run”. PAX evenly spread around diamond. Person (YHC) at Home Plate calls an exercise for rest of PAX while caller jogs/runs/sprints around outside of diamond (clockwise). When caller returns, next PAX takes their turn, and so on around the diamond. Once everyone had a turn, we repeated but switched directions.
-Mosey to shelter for the classic L-R step-ups x10, ircans x10, dips x10, dircans x10. Skip LBCs since PAX have notified me we are almost out of time. Mosey back to main basketball court for Mary.

PAX-led Mary exercises. YHC started us with LBCs x10, then Spin Class led low slow flutters (I think). Katahdin called Russian Hammers, then Peach Pit called for Have a Nice Days for the remaining 2 minutes. PP gave a very nice speech, but PAX on opposite side of circle started to riot. Little coat called out an exercise I can’t remember, then it was time for Have a Nice Days for real.

19 PAX! A modern day record. F3 Dads Camp still accepting signups, I think. Prayers for Peach Pit’s FIL. Prayers for the family of Little Coat’s recently deceased neighbor. YHC took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
It was great to see so many PAX when I pulled into the parking lot today. I was nervous, I don’t think I’ve Q’d a group that large before. F3 has meant a lot to me, especially our Dawn Patrol crew, and it was great to spend my (pre) birthday Q with our regulars and others who specifically posted our AO today to help celebrate. I am thankful for the blessings.


QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Al Bundy, Archetype, Believer, Big Data, Butterfly, BuzzFeed, Chunks, Figure-Four, Jordache (FNG), Katahdin, Little Coat, Peach Pit (Kotters), Pigpen, Sea Bass, Silverback, Spin Class, Vortex, Woody, Yukon Cornelius (Kotters)
Workout Date: 07/26/19