It’s good to get back to the Forge. A cold morning meant everyone sat in their warm cars until right before start time.

Warm Up:
Side Straddle Hops x20 In Cadence (IC)
Good Mornings x10 IC
Imperial Walkers x20 IC (wonder aloud where are the prerunners? were there any?)
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 IC Forward, x10 IC Reverse
Monkey Humpers x10 IC (after awkward eye contact with Peach Pit)
Standard Merkins x10 On My Down (OMD)
Mountain Climbers x10 IC
Downward Dog calf stretches

Main Event:
Jacob’s Ladder up the back road from the stairs to the pool up to the gazebo shelter
BLIMPS at the end/top of the back road
Sevens back in the main parking lot, start with Hand-release Merkins at top of lot and WW1s down at the speed bump

Little Baby Crunches x20 IC
Dolly x20 IC
Freddy Mercury x20 IC
Homer to Marge x20 IC
Dying Cockroach x20 IC
Have a Nice Day (after Figure Four’s subliminal suggestions)

Science & Math is challenging PAX to bring in an average of 2.1 FNGs. Hope Solo asked if this was average per PAX or per AO. We were unable to determine an answer to that question.
Prayers for our country, prayers for Frey Daddy
Peach Pit took us out

Naked Moleskin:
Where were the prerunners? I hope they found their way back!… I’m sure Archetype just fart sacked, right? Right?!?!
Eye contact when you call Monkey Humpers is definitely awkward.
Where did the time go? Maybe I’m getting in better shape because it was easier to mumble chatter myself and this workout was a whole lot of fun. Banter included discussions of PAX first posts as well as stories of FNGs abandoning workouts and never coming back.
This was my sixth #F3Q21 #2021Challenge Q. Next stop is Juggernaut on 1/22 (Friday)

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Erwin, Figure Four, Hope Solo, No Sugar, Nomad, Peach Pit, Pigpen, Walk This Way
Workout Date: 01/19/21