6 PAX (eventually) arrived at Herndon Park for a Thursday beat down. It was cold, dark and clear this morning. The stars were out and even a couple of shooting stars. A perfect setting for a glow stick workout.

SSH x 40
Windmills x 10
LBAC x 10
Backwards LBAC x 10

The THANG: Mystery Bags of Glowing Wonder
Run to rock pile and pick out large rock…..

Run to the turf field which was very dark. There were five illuminary bags set up with colored glow sticks inside. Written on each bag was a set of instructions and 4 sets of exercises each bag. The gist…do what the bag tells you to do then run to the next bag on the list. Start at Blue each set. The Yellow station was known as “Burpee Island.” The Green station was the “Rock” station. All exercises there were done with the heavy rock.

1. Blue: 40 Merkins, Run to Red
2. Red: 40 Carolina Dry Docks, Run to yellow
3. Yellow: 15 Burpees, Run to Green
4. Green: (Rock) 40 Top Shelf, Run to Orange
5. Orange: 60 count plank, Run to Blue
6. Blue: 50 Low Slow Flutters (Cadence), Run to Green
7. Green: (Rock) 30 Squat Jumps, Run to Orange
8. Orange: 80 Count 6″ Leg Raises, Run to Yellow
9. Yellow: 15 Burpees, Run to Red
10. Red: 50 Heels to Heaven, Run to Blue
11. Blue: 50 Air Squats, Run to Yellow
12. Yellow: 15 Burpees, Run to Red
13. Red: 40 Tuck Jumps, Run to Orange
14. Orange: 40 Jump Lunges (40 each Leg), Run to Green
15. Green: (Rock) 40 Overhead presses, Run to Blue
16. Blue: 30 Low Jacks, Run to Red
17. Red: 50 LBCs (Cadence), Run to Yellow
18. Yellow: 15 Burpees, Run to Green
19. Green: (Rock) 40 Tricep extensions, Run to Orange
20. Orange: 50 SSH (Cadence), Run to Blue….Finished.

Mary: There wasn’t enough time for Mary and in any case, Mary type exercises were mixed into the above set.

Welcome to Sideswipe. Good to have a FNG at Thursday. Keep up the good work guys. We are starting to get some momentum.
Next Thursday is Thanksgiving and most of us are out of town, so no Tobacco Road workout.
Next Tobacco Road workout is 12/4. Woody has the Q. Chachi and I are most likely out, so please come and give Woody some PAX support.