Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve heard this type of rival workout #mumblechatter before. It’s usually ridiculous banter between the #irontossers at Heavy Metal and the #soulsurfers at Dawn Patrol. But darned if Au Pair didn’t start some static last night, and we hadn’t even launched this new venture yet. I’ve never really taken to the inter-workout #chest-thumping because I feel that if one’s workout is good enough, one doesn’t need to mouth off like Silky Johnson at the Player Hater’s Ball on Chappelle Show. It’s like that jive turkey DB who runs his mouth pre-game at the star receiver, only to get worked during #gametime. My point is that, yeah, Ball Bearings has been around a while. Slow clap. The ITB pandas got to watch the sunrise and sing Kum-By-Yah. Sweet. Ethanol has been pining for more participation recently. A move was made to the concrete and #iron of Crabtree and lo-and-behold, we had the highest turnout in F3 Raleigh today. Boom. Just kidding Au Pair, and the rest of anyone who cares. I’m sure your workout was solid. So was ours. Join us sometime soon. We had a very respectable 17 today, perfect number that almost matched the game-time temp.

Damn. I re-read the paragraph above and thought MacGruber had mysteriously invaded my psyche. Except there were no spelling errors or run-on sentences. Anyway, Cherie Berry and I are super-pumped about the re-launch of Ethanol and we’re grateful for the turnout this morning.

No FNGs. Weak disclaimer given. Circle up.

SSH x 20
Slow GM x 10
Mountain Climber x 20
Private Joker x 20
What’s a private joker, you may be asking. Watch Full Metal Jacket. During their basic training, the drill instructor has the platoon on the field doing PT. Matthew Modine plays Private Joker, and the camera focuses on him while doing this exercise. Kind of a “plain” burpee done in cadence. Squat>plank>squat>stand. No flying squirrel at the end, as DREDD likes to say. It’s a good one to do in cadence. Ask the PAX.

Off we go. Run to the base of the big ramp for a fun little circuit:
Do squats while given instructions
Run to the top > high knee the flat > bear crawl down the shorter back side of the ramp > 15 star jumps > down stairs > 15 burpees > run back to base of ramp > 15 hand-release merkins. Rinse/repeat for 20 minutes.
Plank while the PAX finishes

Run up the big ramp and gather under light pole at end of the deck for 11s between 2 light poles.
Swiss merkins & prisoner squats
Gather at end of the deck and sprint to the Men’s Belk entrance. Jog to the end of the deck near that entrance and sprint to the ramp. Jog down the ramp to the bottom for Mary…err burpee countdown. 10-8-6-10.

Out of time folks

-F3 Connect today w/ Friar Tuck leading the way
-2nd F at the Alley on 12/3. Gutterball is gracious enough to let the F3 brethren have the lanes to ourselves that night. Epoxy is picking up everyone’s bar tab.
-Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. Tony Robbins and Swirly are your Qs.
-Thanksgiving convergence at Dawn Patrol. We had a great time last year. If you’re in town, post, and prep yourself for the gluttony to follow.
-Costco wants to remind everyone that Thanksgiving is on Thursday this year. Thanks for that PSA buddy!
-Prayers for CB’s M-in-law, Azul’s business partner, Lo Pair from F3 CH, my Aunt who is newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s and is struggling to cope with what lies in front of her.

Orwell led us out BOM style with fine fine words that seem to flow so effortlessly from his mind and heart. He also gave us a heads up on a post that DREDD put on the F3 page about the importance of knowing who your true self is and holding strong to that identity. I often have a personal struggle with the “real me”. It’s not always easy to remain completely within the boundaries of that self-identity with all of the exterior variables that pull and tug at us daily. One thing I know, if not much else, is that the men of F3 have helped me find more comfort in the person that I am. I appreciate everyone of you. Even the Ball Bearings faithful. Thanks for posting this morning and showing Cherie Berry and me such support. Aye!