The text came in at 8:49 pm. “I’m out for tomorrow. Thanks for covering.” When MacGruber didn’t follow up his first message with a “:) or a That’s what she said.” I knew his premenstrual cramps were serious. Serious enough to keep him out of the True Grit gloom and away from his Q duty.

Not to worry True Grit would go on without him. The Pax of 8 arrived in the Gloom ignoring the cold with great anticipation as True Grit itself had tweeted “Macgruber’s workout will be so tough tomorrow that even he may not post.”

At 5:30 YHC let the PAX know that the it was that time of month for the mighty MacGruber and YHC would try to fill in.

The Thang

Jog to the coldest windiest field at Shelly Lake for warm up:
Good morning x 15, Imperial Walker x 15, Ski Abs x 15, Mountain Climber x 15, Windmill x 10.

Hit the Greenway around Shelly, stop for:

Burpee x10 OYO
Merkin x 20
LBC x 30
Burpee x 10 OYO
Merkin x 20
LBC x 30

Recover on the Jog.

Stop 4 more times on the 2 mile run around the lake and repeat the above for a total of 5 times.

During round 4,Cherie Berry, New Mexico and Duff started to sense a pattern. Wendell G. put the pieces together for the PAX. Surprisingly Maize offered little Mumblechatter.

Round 5 showed increase enthusiasm as the PAX sensed some accomplishment and an end.

After a sprint back to the parking lot, the PAX had completed;
A 2 mile run
100 Burpees
200 Merkins
300 LBCS

Finish with G’morning x 15, Imperial Walker x 15 and Windmill x 15.

COT with Cherie Berry offering Prayers and Praise.