13 Pax toed the line for the Quarterly Mile Test at HiFidelity. Conditions were less than ideal at 29 degF and 8 mph winds, but this group of Pax is not swayed by the weather.

The Thang

2 laps of warm-up with butt-kickers, high knees, karaoke, and 2 strides. ¬†Circle o’ Stretches for Windmills, Imperial Walkers, and Good Mornings (all in cadence)

One lap at Mile Speed to get the legs moving and 4 minutes recovery

Mile Test – 4 laps at Mile Speed

2-mile Progression Run – first lap at (Mile Pace + 3:00), each successive lap gets 0:30/mile faster.


  • We thought high temps in July were difficult – this cold was not fun
  • Overall, the average time for the 13 stayed consistent at 6:18/mile, but many of us (YHC included) were sluggish today.
  • Three new mile testers put up the fastest times with Cinderella, Cotton, and 90210 all breaking under the 6:00 barrier.
  • 5 of 13 were testing mile speed for the first time at HiFidelity
  • Countrywide continues to get faster putting up another Personal Best – #workworks.
  • Hope that Yo-Yo’s DNF due to a hamstring ends up being a short-term result of the cold.

The results

.Pax Prior Best 11/18/2014
Cinderella 0:05:55
Cotton 0:05:56
90210 0:05:58
Enron 0:05:48 0:06:08
Lamp 0:06:05 0:06:09
Fazio 0:06:05 0:06:15
Manram 0:06:15
Mr. Hand 0:06:21
Fungo 0:06:21 0:06:23
Myrtle 0:05:45 0:06:25
Layover 0:06:12 0:06:25
Countrywide 0:07:30 0:07:25
Yo-Yo 0:05:20 DNF