Lucky number 7 was back in the mix as seven PAX members posted and kicked the Dueler in the teeth. Here’s what they did:

***Ran the mile in.

***Five times through the dueler with two rounds of wheelbarrows and three rounds of partner carries.

***50 burpees, 75 derkins, and 100 LBCs

Ended with five minutes of Mary.

Naked Moleskin:

*Good to have Gnobby and his Subaru in the mix this morning. He clown car’d with Rainman and saved the planet for harmful CO2 emissions in the process. Thanks, brother. See you next week!
*Fazio pointed out that I don’t know how to spell. That is correct. Sorry, brah. ISI. You could have rolled down the stairs versus the ‘barrow.
*Yo-Yo actually stated he was sore this morning carrying my frame around the amphitheater. Dude gets tired? Can’t be true.
*Mights were in full effect this morning. Yo-yo went all Villa on us without this protective shorts over top. I thought we’ve been through this young guys. Cover it up. Literally. I’m not joking. Do it.


*If you were planning on trying out The Judge for the first time next weekend, push that back a week. Convergence is at Laurel Hills Park at 7:00.
*Contact Gnobby about helping tutor in Southeast Raleigh.
*Bowling is December 4th and F3 Connect is in a few weeks. Q doesn’t pay attention to detail. Big picture guy. Check the website.


*Melt the snow in Buffalo for Huxtable’s sister-in-law and prayers for Fazio’s wife’s grandfather (battling cancer and recovering from a broken leg).

Always an honor to spend the morning with the men of F3,