VSF was firmly planted. Apparently the fartsack was irresistible this am. Disclaimer was given and off Pergo, Yosef and YHC went into the frigid gloom.

Run through campus to the rear parking lot stopping along the way for 10 burpees oyo, and 10 merkins oyo

Warm Up:
SSH x 20
Good Mornings x 10
Imperial Walkers x 20
Grab a parking tie, Mini Irkins x 10

The Thang:
Jack Webbs with uphill treachery.
1 Merkin, 5 upright arm raises
Bear crawl up hill touch football stadium fence, run back down
2 … 10, BC run, 3…15, BC run, 4…20, BC run, 5…25, BC run, 6…30, BC run, 7…30, BC run, 8…25, BC run, 9…20, BC run, 10…20, BC run, 11…15, BC run

Around set 2 or 3, our FNG came flying in over the playground fence in one direction, and Tardy (aptly renamed) came from the other.

Plank it out

Find a spot on playground fence:
Balls to the Wall x 20
Peoples chair x 30

Mosey to end of parking lot.
Death by burpee:
Run half parking lot – 5 burpees, run back to start – 10burpees, run all the way to the far end – 10 burpees, run back to start. Plank it out till all are finished

Back to PG fence.
Balls to the Wall x 15
Peoples chair x 20

Run to practice field behind buses

On the line for:
Gorilla walk up hill to fence, run down
Bear crawl up and down
Crab crawl up, run down
Rinse repeat

LBC’s x 20
6 inch leg holds, 10 counts around pentagon
Michael Jacksons x 20 (in homage to recent Raleigh Mary fad)
Monkey humpers x 20 #crowdpleaser


  • FNG (Kevin Arthur) – Named him Fluoride, because he is a dentist after all.
  • No GnP Thanksgiving Day.
  • Official Launch of Ground N’ Pound on December 4th. There will be special visitors. Dress Nice. It’s also New Mexico’s F3 birthday. Come celebrate “in style.”
  • Thought for the day came from Isaiah 61:1-3. If we put ourselves in a position to grow and become a #HIM, then those who are effected by our ‘becoming’ will themselves “be called Oaks of Righteousness.” With God’s help, search deeply for your #dolphin and #daffodil. #D2X Build and lead a stronger community.
  • Yosef took us out. #strong

Naked Moleskin:

  • The PAX this morning were all relative F3 short timers. Each expressed how much of a pendulum swing their lives have taken. #grateful #isi
  • Pergo is turning into an fitness monster. Today was his 4th post this week. “The worm has definitely turned for you man.” One must wonder if he is secretly prepping a Ric Flair impersonation for the rapidly approaching wedding.
  • The frost covered pine straw bed leading up to the stadium fence was a little tricksy.
  • YHC was extremely honored and humbled to lead on this am. “There are miles to go before I sleep.”