Two shovel flags barely planted in the cold dirt at Laurel Hills for the PAX of 14 at Dawn Patrol. Time to break into a new point of view in F3 as a QIC, Rainbow cut his teeth as the lead.  

The Thang:

Warm Up: SSH x 25, Merkins x 15, Mountain Climbers x 20

 Jog down to lower field, partner up…..#1 bear crawls half the field and sprints the rest before jogging back. Partner #2 performs AMRAP exercises. Tag a rotate. Exercises were Squats, Burpeees, Star Jumps, LBCs

People’s Chair & Balls to the Wall 5 count per PAX down the line

Push-A-Rama: Diamonds x 15, Wide Arms x 15, Right Arm Stagger x 10, Left Arm Stagger x 10, Carolina Dry Docks x 10, Merkins x 15

Jog to Rock Pile, grab a rock

Curls x 15, Military Press x 10, Tricep Press x 10….run to top of hill and back with rock….Bent Rows x 15, Goblet Squats x 15, Hold over Head x 30… to top of hill and back with rock…..Curls x 15, Military press x 10, Tricep Press x 10…..Run to top of hill and back with rock…..American Hammer with Rocks x 20, Boat/Canoe for a couple of minutes…..return the rock

Indian Run around parking lot perimeter two times around

Merkins x 10, WW2 Sit Ups x 20

COT with prayer by Geddy

Naked Moleskin:

-T-claps to Rainbow for stepping up and taking a bite as the QIC. All it took was a simple ask at The Blitz and then finding a workout for a commitment. Look forward to his next one all on his own.

Thanksgiving Workout is at Laurel Hills @ 7am, pre-blast with Turkey Trotters will be out soon from Swirly with logistics. All others cancelled that day in Raleigh.

Nov 28th (Friday after Thanksgiving) PLEASE NOTE: Flood Zone will move to Laurel HIlls with a 5:30 workout (Black Friday), Late Night will be on schedule at 6am. NO WOLF RUN OR JUGGERNAUT

F3 Connect is on December 3rd, Tony Robbins is the speaker. Sign up!

December 25th – No Workouts across the region….spend time with your family.

Dec 4th …. F3 Night at the Alley. Free bowling courtesy of Gutterball. 7pm on…..

-New 3rd F on Mondays at Lunch….meeting at that coffee place near Tacos & Tequila on Lead Mine Road. Sola, Sora, something like that. Heard there were 12 this week, See Friar Tuck & Les Nessman for details. Aye!

-New workout in Garner starts on Dec 4th…..Ground n’ Pound. Mr Hand is the site Q, look at the twitter handle for updates.

-Go EH someone to be a FNG or a first time Q.