8 Pax gathered for a chilly workout that badly confused a camera crew filming for an upcoming national geographic special. In other news, the aptly named starfish butthole was rebranded as the C.O.B. Circle of Butt by Howard.

Dynamic Warmup: run, balls to walls, shuffles, grapevine, fazio arm circles, imperial walkers

Cardio Breakdown Circuit: 60 seconds each of the following: Sharknados, high knees, and Mountain Climbers, 30 second rest, repeat circuit for 45, and again for 30 seconds

Animal Impressions:

Bear Crawl, 10 burpees, suicide

Flamingo Lunges, 10 prisoner squats, suicideInch worm with Frog Hops, 10 superman lat pulls, suicide

crab walk, 5 and 5 RDL’s, suicide

Gorilla Hop, 10 plank shoulder taps, suicide


Mary: jack knives, 10 count leg drops, upper circle crunches, crunch and slow mo punch, starfish butt hole, a.k.a. as dubbed by Howard, the C.O.B. Circle of Butt