The 30 men that posted at Flood Zone this am were not spurred on by incessant twitter banter or a hostile call out by the morning’s Q; they posted at Flood Zone because it was Friday, and on Friday that’s what you do.

The Thang…

Run up to restaurants decks,
Bear crawl down the stairs 2x

Mosey to the Third level entrance.

Partner up
P1 sprints 100yd and does 8 pullups, sprints back
P2 does 25x merkins 25x lbcs until P1 returns.
Flapjack until both partners have done 2 sets of pullups;

Back down to pick up the group.

Regular 45

Fast pace to the rock pile

Grab a rock
10 count staggared merkins on each arm
15 count Hammers with Rock

7 count staggered merkins on each arm
15 count Hammers with rock

6 count staggered merkins on each arm
15 count Hammers with rock

Return rocks, Mosey up Blue Ridge to the hill top apartment complex.

Bent jacobs ladder up the entrance road;
2 burpees at the top, 10 merkins at the bottom
increase burpees and decrease merkins by increments of 2
20 LBC’s , 20 flutter kicks until all finished.

Mosey to the Restaurant Deck

Partner wheel barrow up 1 flight of stairs then switch
Bear crawl down adjacent stairs 2x; 30 LBC’s until all finished;

Mosey back to Rendezvous Point



-Strong work by all, YHC did not hear it live but OverDraft remarked about the lack of Good Mornings at the start of the workout. Very observant
-Glad to see some new faces along side the hardened regulars. Saw two posts from Crick regulars, SingleWide and Kanye. Kanye’s warm-up 5k was a bold move though.

Next Week:
-Thanksgiving Day convergence 7 am, Laurel Hills Park.
-Black Friday 2 options;
Late Night 6 am
Look on F3 Site and twitter for Flood Zone announcement

Prayer Requests for injured pax, those in Buffalo, and all unspoken.

Prayer Courtesy of Cinderella

Always an honor to lead you men.