10 Pax braved the 20 degree temps and resisted the draw of the maiden voyage of Crabtree Ethanol to support YHC’s first full attempt at Q-ing.  Thanks fellas…

After quick disclaimer, jog to the middle level of the parking deck where the temps increased to a balmy 30 degrees…

Circle up:

SSH x 20

SF Arm Circles x10/x10

Good Mornin’s x15

Imperial Walkers x15

Mountain Climbers x10

Ski Abs x10

Merkins x10

Count off, remember odds/evens, jog out of deck, to crosswalk at Six Forks & 440, and across to CapTrust tower deck stairs

Divide into odds & evens. (this is where YHC got a little mixed-up, what follows is how it was supposed to go)

Odds: run up first flight of stairs, 5 Diamond Merkins, up two more flights, 10 wide-grip’s, up two more flights 15 dry-dock’s, up last two flights 20 burpee’s, plank at top of deck

Evens: reverse of above, starting with burpee’s x20, up to top of deck

Bear-Crab Relay:

Two teams, odd’s & even’s line up at high end of deck behind line.  One member of each team starts down deck doing crab walk while rest of teams LBC’s.  Once reach second line, team members do merkins until entire team has crab walked to bottom.  Team then bear crawls one at a time to top and prisoner squats until all members are back to top.  First team to get all members back to top wins.

Evens won first relay, odd’s went for double-or-nothing and got swept in two games…

Jog back down deck stairs to street level, 2 minute Plank-o-rama

Cross Six Forks, line up odd’s & even’s and indian run to astro turf square in front of movie theater

Odd’s line up across from evens, and call out first workout for evens, then switch.  Squats while other team does exercise.

* Jumps x15

?? x15

Boat Canoe x15

WWII Sit-ups x15

Nippler Merkins x15 (note: Odd’s were supposed to do this one alone for losing Bear-Crab relay, but Evens joined in in a touching display of solidarity)

Jog back to JCP lot for Mary:

LBC’s x20

American Hammers x26