After a very long week of sharpening iron, 8 dedicated PAX gathered to celebrate another Weekend Crick Saturday in the warm, 20 degree gloom. YHC arrived early to “plan” the pain and over the horizon were four strong shadows, logs in tow, returning from the QuickHatch ruck. T-claps to the three PAX who doubled up.

As the morning temperatures drop and the ground begins to freeze, one can’t help but dream for summer sun and beach vacations. Why not start working on those guns now? Disclaimer was given and off we went.


Brisk mosey to the upper gymnasium parking lot.
-Windmills x20
-Burpees x10 OYO

The Thang:

Good Mornings? Why on God’s green earth would we do that on such a beautiful day? Directly to the rock pile since we’re already warm. PAX grabbed a rock (60-70% of max weight)

-Hammers x10
-Burpees x10
-Hammers x10
-Burpees x10
-RLBC’s x15
-Burpees x10
-Hammers x10

The wind picked up so we moved, rocks and all, to the loading dock.

Partner up.
#1 –
P1 spiderman up the ramp, merkins x5 at the top and jump ups x5.
P2  Curls xAMRAP
#2 –
P1 spiderman up the ramp, merkins x5 at the top and jump ups x5.
P2  Bent Row xAMRAP

#3 –

P1 Alternating rock merkins x10
P2 Derkins on loading dock, x10
#4 –
P1 Alternating rock merkins x10
P2 Irkins on loading dock x10

Hammers x20
RLBC’s x20

Return the rocks and mosey to the playground.

On blacktop:
P1 Bear crawl to corner, shuffle right, crab walk back, shuffle left
P1 Repeato
P2 Irkins x15
P1 Repeato (replace BC/CW with Gorilla hops)
P2 Dips x15

Tunnel the man on the field. #MumbleChatter was reminiscent of The Mule, ’14

To the shelter, on picnic tables:
Irkins x15
Derkins x15
Jump ups x15
Irkins x15
Derkins x15
LBC Pyramid
Irkins x15
Crab merkins x10 OYO

Done. Strong work by all

-Thoughts and prayers for the son of Amtrak’s friend who has returned to his battle with cancer.
-Praise to Candlestick’s church group as they embark on a Thanksgiving mission with another local congregation.

If you haven’t made it out to The Crick for a post, you won’t be disappointed. It is always a honor to post with the committed Crick group.

YHC out.