No idea who flipped the switch, but this morning about 5 mins in to the workout the lights came on around the soccer fields and turning the area into an arena – we were all lit up in the gloom!

We have stayed committed to keeping Crazy Ivan in the mix despite the cold weather over the past couple months and many of us not wanting to waste our training legs the morning before long runs. As long as we have a few guys interested we will continue and hopefully ramp up Crazy Ivan as we head towards spring. If you are looking for a change in pace, smaller group to work with, and some work with weights this is a good one for you to try out. We usually have extra kettlebells and/or we are not always on the kettlebell at the same time, so come as you are and try it out.

Today we went with a bit of a hybrid workout, but actually they all are.  This just means we make sure to mix it up.  The surprise today might have been the amount of running, in contract to a stationary workout last week. We covered 2 miles between run/march and some crazy sets of “recover on the sprint”.

Count was 2 strong #HIM as Dauber and I headed out on a solid paced warmup jog around the fields. Without knowing it was our pace, I set a strava PR for that segment.  I guess the cold inspired us to hustle. We returned to the flag and did a warmup set including IC SSH, Good Mornings, walking Imperial Walkers and Hillbillies, and progressive Fazio Arm Circles. Mumble chatter included some valuable discussion about the importance of warmups and stretching as well as pace. It was a great reminder we all need to be focused on good form and healthy habits before, during and after any workouts.

We went for a kettlebell carry stroll over to the playground and did a set of 3 of the following: Pullups x5, Merkins x10 and assisted Deep Squats x15. The icy bar made for some cold hands on the pullups.

Back on the track we completed a lap of the fields with alternating kettlebell holds, stopping each time we changed it up and doing a set of SSH ICx10 and 10 count merkins. We finished with a long distance burnout overhead carry.

It’s always great to cross paths with the Cletus guys and they were putting in their work in the parking lot as we returned. Great effort out there by all.

We then did a set in the lot that was based around 4 exercises including swings, upright rows, bicep isolation curls and overhead triceps. We did 3 sets of each with ascending rep count while mixing in a sprint and a core exercises (plank-reg, plank-chill, LBC and WWII), and recover on the jog.

We warmed down on the walk back down the parking lot. With some early morning family commitments we were not able to join Cletus for COT so we wrapped up on our own.

It was great effort for us out there this morning, really strong work especially on the sprints as we fed off each other’s pace.  Some great mumble chatter too. Dauber shared some meaningful experiences/advice on importance and strategy for fueling during marathons and halfs.

Thanks for getting out there Dauber, that was a great way to head into the weekend.