5 of us showed up to Max Bandwidth this morning in the cold rain, ready for a VHS beatdown.  The cyborg’s Qs are always tough, and the rain wasn’t going to make it any easier.  At 0530 and no sign of the T1000, we ran to the awning and began our warm up.  We kept waiting for the Weddings with the Wheatons star to show, but he left us waiting at the altar (he had been up most of the night with his son).

Silver Oak, named for his propensity for splashing merlot, did not let us down this morning.  The winery was in full production about 35 minutes into the workout!

Warm Up

-Side Straddle Hops (15)

-Good Mornings (10)

-Helicopters (12)

-Sir Fazio Arm Circles (10 and 10)

-The Grinder Stretch (10 seconds per leg)

-Cotton Pickers (10)


The Thang

With no VHS in site, we pulled out the trusty F3 Workout Deck.  We stayed under the awning, running to the SuckBrick on one end to pick up one card each, and then running back to the other end of the awning to do the exercises as a group.  We got through 5 rounds for a total of 25 exercises.

In no particular order:

AH – 100 Side Straddle Hops

5H – Karaoke to the end of the awning and back

7H – Bear Crawl to the end of the awning

10H – Butt Kickers to the end of the awning and back

QH – 25 Burpees

8S – 18 Backward Lunges

5C – 15 (each side) Oblique Crunches

6C – 60-Second Low Plank Hold

7C – 17 LBCs

8C – 18 Luges (core exercise sort of like a V-up)

AD – 100 Arm Circles

2D – 12 Hand Clap Merkins

4D – 14 Carolina Dry Docks

5D – 15 Hand Release Merkins

7D – 17 Derkins

8D – 18 Merkins

10D – 20 Incline Merkins

KD – 25 Merkins

2S – 12 Bulgarian Split Squats

5S – 15 Standing Lunges

6S – 16 Jumping Lunges

7S – 17 Monkey Humpers

9S – 19 Low, Slow Squats

QS – 25 Monkey Humpers

KS – 25 Squats


Didn’t get to:

2H – Sprint 200 meters

4H – Sprint 400 meters

6H – Backward Run to the last island and back

8H – 18 Squat Thrusts (Burpees without the Merkin)

9H – 19 High Knees

JH – 25 Plank Jacks

KH – 25 Mountain Climbers

AC – 100 Flutter Kicks

2C – 12 WWII Situps

3C – 13 High, Slow Flutter Kicks

4C – 14 Heels to Heaven

9C – 90-Second High Plank Hold

10C – 20 Rosalitas

JC – 25 Shoulder Taps

QC – 25 Freddie Mercuries

KC – 25 American Hammers

3D – 13 Chuck Norris Merkins

QD – 25 Diamond Merkins

3S – 13 Wojo Squats (Bobby Hurleys)

4S – 14 Alternating Side Squats

10S – Lunge Walk for 100 meters

JS – 25 Smurf Jacks

AS – 100 Calf Raises

Joker #1 – PAX chooses exercise and number


After three sessions with the Workout Deck, we still haven’t gotten to:

3H – Sprint 300 meters

6D – Wide Arm Merkins

9D – 19 Ranger Merkins

JD – 25 Dips

Joker #2 – PAX chooses exercise and number



-20 Flutter Kicks (in cadence)


Count-a-rama:  5 PAX


-The F3 Raleigh “Oaks” Mudgear shirt pre-sale ends November 20th.

-Thanksgiving Convergence – Thanksgiving Thursday at Bandwidth/Max Bandwidth (Abbotts Creek Community Center) – 0700-0800 – followed by a run up Mt. Trashmore.

-Carpex Triple Down – Saturday, November 17th, at Bond Park – 0545-0625: Ruck, 0630-0730: Phoenix (F3), 0800-0900: MoneyPenny (FiA).  Do one, two, or three (all are co-ed) and then share in some fellowship afterwards with pastries, juice, and bacon.

-Spartan Beast – Saturday, November 17th, 1015 – Join Floppy and Boingo’s team.  $195 for open wave.  Details at www.spartan.com.

-White Street Brewery evening runs on Tuesday nights – 7 pm – 3-mile and 5-mile options

Good work, men.  Remember, if no one signs up to Q…or if he sleeps in…the deck is always waiting.  It was an honor to lead you this morning.