YHC had some spare sand bags that he had found around town that businesses were trying to get rid of. I figured I wanted to put them to good use!  The invite was put out for EC at 6 AM, after 5 miles YHC went to pick up the 2.0 (Picasso) for some Mad Mule. Always funny to me how he pops out of bed pumped about coming. Even with 2nd F, he loves being part of a group of men.  He has really started to open up, push himself, and begin to look up to men around him for leadership.  After returning to the shovel flag the mumble chatter began before Mad Mule!

Warm up:  SSH, Squats, Windmills, butt kickers, high knees each x20 in cadence

Sand Bag Partner work

1 partner 50 yard Bag carry – 1 partner mountain climbers (switch)

1 partner jog 100 yards and back- 1 partner sand bag squats AMRAP (swith)

1 partner jog 100 yards and beck – 1 sand bag overhead press AMRAP (switch)

1 partner jog 50 yards and back – 1 partner bag chest press-toss AMRAP (switch)

1 partner runs 50 yards and back – 1 partner bag slams to ground AMRAP (switch)

Partner Bag toss each 1 min to left and right.  Rinse and repeat each round with partner, plank for the six each round.

Animal House:

Bear crawl 25 yards and back (20 lunges in cadence)

Crab walk 25 yards and back (20 Merkins in cadence)

Frog hops 25 yards and back (20 lunges in cadence)

Inch worm 25 yards and back(20 Merkins in cadence)

Scout run lap around the park with PAX staying tight throughout with scout running out and back hard and joining back in with PAX.

Mary: American Hammer x20 Cadence, WWI 30x cadence, Freddy mercury  20x cadence, Box cutter x15, Plank a rama all positions on my hold.

Great work by everybody today! Everybody was able to modify if needed, substituted exercises to keep moving but avoid injured body parts.  1 mile total with Mad Mule today! Even Picasso (2.0) had a weight bag to perform the Sand Bag exercises and we only lost 1 bag to premature splitting!

BOM/COT: Prayers for Bloodsport and potential move, Labrat’s upcoming move, Farva 1/2 marathon and F3 Southwake guys, Prayers for YHC friend of family Ben who after 1 year of being sober from Heroin has relapsed. Hard Hat Friend, Lady Fingers and relationship with wife, Flathead’s friend/family Stage  lung cancer.  Be in continued pray for your leaders, community, work.

Announcements: HSHM next weekend!  Carpex bring 2 Q’s and clown car to lead DEC. 1st MAD MULE!