YHC has been very bad at posting at his home AO recently. The guilt of sending co-site Q Woody 5:30AM texts saying I was out had been building so much I didn’t even bother the last week. I decided the best way to get my butt there was to take the open Q slot and force some more accountability on myself. Besides, my 2.0 BOOM! had been eager to 1) visit Dawn Patrol and 2) see me Q.

I thought it would be fun to have my normally boisterous 7 year old co-Q. His one workout request was that we bring candy to distribute so that everyone would know he was a “friendly guy”. As cars started rolling in, he whispered for me to keep the candy a secret until the end.

Then out of the gloom came Katahdin, walking his dog. I thought he might have stopped by on a morning walk to say hi, but no, he was posting. With his dog. This was going to be an interesting work out indeed.

The Extra Credit guys (Vortex, Spin Class, BuzzFeed, Woody) rolled in right on time and after a very brief introduction, we were off.


Warm Up

Run lap around parking lot. Realize that we have already lost BOOM! Search for a minute and find him, possibly pouting, because I ran the group in a different loop direction that he expected.

Side Straddle Hops ICx20

Good Mornings ICx20

Sir Fazio Arm Circles ICx10 fwd, ICx10 rev

Mountain Climbers ICx20

The Thang

Count off into three groups, Pendulum with Imperial Squat Walkers at top of parking lot, WWI sit ups at bottom. Pendulum for 10 minutes or so.

Mosey to Playground Entrance sign, Raccoon crawl the length

Mosey to children’s basketball court. Count off into two groups. Group 1 repeats OYO 10 Man Makers, 10 LBCs, 10 Monkey Humpers while Group 2 runs the big loop. Flapjack when Group 2 finishes loop. Repeato. Repeato again.

Mosey to large retaining wall on other side of playground. Australian Mountain Climbers ICx10. Balls To The Wall for PAX 10 counts.

Back to the main basketball court for Mary/COT, followed by…

Trick Or Treat! Surprise Distribution of Candy

Naked Moleskin

My son has loved going to F3 since we started a few weeks prior. BOOM! has been a great motivator at getting me out of the fartsack (one of his new favorite terms). He has been asking me to Q, and it was the push I needed. I hope we can do it again soon!

Happy Halloween!

QIC: Pigpen, BOOM!
PAX: BOOM!, BuzzFeed, Epoxy, Far Side, Hope Solo, Katahdin, Musty Musket, Pigpen (YHC), Spin Class, Vortex, Woody
Workout Date: 10/26/17