I thought I hooked up the trailer correctly last night around 11pm.  I guess I had too many beers. On my way to Carroll, the trailer full of tires felt like it was unhooked as I felt it smash into the back of the SUV. I stopped and went to look. Not good. I had not secured it on the ball and the tongue was locked. The trailer was just resting on top of the ball and was lifting off and hitting the hitch ball mount.  This could be a disaster if it dropped onto the pavement.  I left the trailer keys at the house. I looked at my watch. 6:40am. Not enough time to deal with this. I’ll just go slow and hope I make it.  Thankfully I made it.  Disaster averted.

19 PAX showed up for my 49th birthday.  Nice way to spend a birthday morning. We had one FNG Paul White. Welcome! Here’s what went down.

Warm up jog around school

Warm Up
SSH x 20
Good Mornings x 15
Windmills x 15
Fazio Arm Circles x 10 reverse repeato
Imperial Walkers x 20
Merkin x 20
Mountain climbers x 20

Pass out tires and hammers

Jog to track

Set 1
360 Right x 15
4&8 Lunges Right x 20 (hammer left shoulder)
360 Left x 15
4&8 Lunges Left x 20 (hammer right shoulder)
Tire Slams Right x 10 OYO
Tire Slams Left x 10 OYO

Run Around Track – Paddle
Hold hammer out front around track curves

Set 2
Barbarian Squat x 20
Grave diggers Right x 20
Joust Right x 20
Barbarian Squat x 20
Grave diggers Left x 20
Joust Left x 20
Tire Slams Right x 10 OYO
Tire Slams Left x 10 OYO

Run Around Track

Set 3
Tire Burpee Press x 10 OYO
Partner Up
Stack tires
Dips on tires x 20
Derkins on tires x 15
Dips on tires x 20
Derkins on tires x 15

Partner 1 – run around track
Partner 2 – hammer flies, presses, curls

Set 4
Tire Rolls x 20

Tire Slam Ladder
2 Slams Right
2 Thrusters
4 Slams Right
4 Thrusters
6 Slams Right
6 Thrusters
8 Slams Right
8 Thrusters
5 Slams Right 5 Slams Left
10 Thrusters
Bring it down

Run Around Track

Mosey back to trailer

LBC x 20
Low Slow Flutter x 20
Freddy Mercury x 20
American Hammer with Hammer x 20
Six Inch Leg Hold 5 count around circle
Have a Nice Day


Strava Link – Where We Went


Welcome FNG Mr. Pink!

Annoucement Link


Continue to pray for my mom who has late stage Alzheimer’s. Pray for my dad who has metastasized prostate cancer. Healing and peace.

MacGruber took us out with a great prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and serve. Aye!