11 PAX arrived at the designated location for their weekly pain-o-gram delivery. This week’s issue was brought to them by Floyd who decided to spice things up with a Gloom Dial, featuring the Balls of Doom. One PAX felt that things weren’t spicy enough and tried to eat a bee. Predictably, the bee stung this poor PAX in the back of the throat. Fortunately, there was no anaphylaxis so he rubbed some dirt on it and finished the workout. Strong work, Knoxville. We had a guest PAX from Greenville, Play-Doh (He may have said Plato, maybe he was a philosopher?)

Run around the soccer field, slow jog.
To get things started off on the right foot and set the tone….5 Burpees
SSH x 20
Good Mornings (fast version) x 20
Windmills (slow version) x 10
LBAC forward x 10
LBAC backwards x 10 (this is around the time that the bee incident occurred)
Merkins x 10 cadence

The THANG: Gloom Dial
8 stations around the soccer field. Starting in the middle, the PAX would travel to the next station and do the exercises, then travel back.

Station 1: Karaoke run to corner. Do 60 low-jacks. Karaoke back to center.

Every time you get back to the center (Burpee Island as it is now known), you do 5 Burpees.

Station 2: Bear crawl to sideline. Jack Webbs. Recover walk back to middle. 5 Burpees

Station 3: Run to corner carrying very heavy stone (especially Weurffl). Rock Russian Hammers x 30. Rock WWII Sit-ups x 20. Rock run back to middle. 5 Burpees

Station 4: Backwards run to goals. 5 minutes of Balls of Pain. Two soccer balls. One has many different exercises written on it. The other has numbers from 6-20. Both balls are rolled. Exercises are performed. Backwards run back to middle. 5 Burpees.

Station 5: Karaoke to corner. Football drill. Run in place and drop to stomach when whistle is blown. The QIC almost inhaled the whistle a few times, so it was tossed. Karaoke back to middle. 5 Burpees.

Station 6: Bear crawl to sideline. Wacky Jebbs. Recovery walk back to middle, 5 Burpees.

Station 7: Heavy Rock Run to corner. 30 Bicep curls, 20 Tricep extensions. Rock Run back to middle. 5 Burpees.

Station 8: Backwards run to goal. 5 minutes of Balls of Pain. Backward run to middle. 5 Burpees.

Each set done without stopping:
20 LBC/20 LSF/20 Froggies/20 Russian Hammers
20 6″ leg raises/20 Hello Dollies/20 Bicycles/20 6″ bobbers.


Sorry was so late on the back blast. Had stuff.
T-shirts are finally here. I will give them out the next Saturday I am in town, 9/20
Big props to Knoxville who almost died but persevered through the workout before seeking medical attention. Also Good luck with the soon to be 2.0.
Guest appearance by Brogue who is having some medical issues and won’t be able to F3 at this point any more. Get better.