A pax of 1 grew to 4 as Assisi arrived, Double Knot emerged from the woods and Dozer made it for the end of the warmup on this brisk misty morning at The Vortex.

The Thang:

Warmup jog around the field and warmup exercises: SSH, IW, Arm Circles, Willie Mays Hayes, Good Mornings, Merkins, Mountain Climbers.

Jog to the playground and partner up. Two men on the wheel of misery for 10 pullups while the other two do dips and erkins. Switch.

Next Set two men doing 10 pullups again and the others doing slow dips and slow erkins. Switch.

Final set, two men do 10 inverse pullups (help up and slow down for a 3 count) while the other two do step ups (each leg).

Run back to the field and line up for the Jacob’s One-Sided Pyramid. Run to midfied and do n merkins and run back and do n air squats (n=1,2,…,10). After each set of air squats plank it out. After set 4 do 15 burpees (thanks Assisi). After set 6 do 15 IW in cadence (led by Dozer). After set 8 do 15 Squat Thrusts (led by Double Knot). For sets 9 and 10 run all the way to the other side of field.

Mary: LBCx30, Low Flutter x 30, Russian Hammer x 20 (I think), Rocky Balboa x 15.


Moleskin: Glad to have 4 out. Nice surprise to see Double Knot emerge from the woods! Hope The Vortex continues to pull in more.