It’s been six months since my last Q!?! I needed a push and got one when Woody moved his Q up one week to fill an open slot. I made sure to get to sleep at a reasonable time and set my alarm. I got to the AO a little early for the workout, a little late for EC. I used the time to scout out a couple of exercise thoughts and nearly missed the start of my own workout. Luckily, the boys had started a jog lap around the parking lot and I joined in. OK, maybe I did miss the start of my own workout.

Warm Up:
Join up with the go-getters on a mosey around the parking lot. End in front of the building entrance for exercises.
-20 Side Straddle Hops
-10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward, 10 reverse
-15 Good Mornings
-15 Imperial Walkers
-10 ‘Mercans
-From plank position, right calf stretch (10 count), left calf stretch (10 count)
-10 Mountain Climbers

The Thang:
-Count off by threes for Pendulum. Group 1 starts AMRAP Imperial Squat Walkers. Group 2 & 3 head up to the top of the lot where Group 2 starts AMRAP LBCs. Group 3 returns to start to relieve Group 1, and so on. Pendulum runs long enough for each group to have performed both stations at least twice. Last running group brings the LBC group back to start to complete.
-Mosey to playground entrance wall. Raccoon Crawl length of the wall. Alternate exercise is to Bear Crawl beside the wall and back. Group does plank exercises waiting for the six.
-Mosey to rock pile, grab a non-travel rock, circle up on the kids’ basketball court. 10-15-10 pyramid with sets of curls, overhead presses, triceps extensions, bent over rows, and rock LBCs.
-Indian Run counter clockwise around big loop, from the rocks to the wall by the water fountain.
-Balls To The Wall, hold for 10 counts down the line.
-People’s Chair, hold for 10 counts down the line.
-Australian Mountain Climbers x15
-Indian Run counter clockwise around big loop, end at the main basketball court for Mary.

I got gassed on that last Indian Run, so I asked Spin Class to run Mary.
-Low Slow Flutters x10
-Homer-to-Marge x10
-Box Cutters x10
-Freddie Mercury x10
-Have a Nice Day

9 PAX. Sign up for the Mule! If you can do this workout, you can do the Mule! Prayers for those struggling with addiction and cancer. YHC took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
It’s Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget! Thank you for opening our eyes to Valentine possibilities, Geisha. Y’all’s mileage with it may vary. Good luck! It felt great to lead today. I hope it was a good workout for everyone. It’s really nice to see the regulars as well as some visitors from General Assembly. Y’all come back, ya hear?

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: BuzzFeed (EC@5:20), Geisha, Hope Solo, Katahdin, Little Coat, Pigpen, Spin Class (EC@5:20), Vortex, What About Bob?
Workout Date: 02/14/19