YHC has been hurting since he strained his calf on the 2nd half of a 15-15 mile training run. YHC has tried resting but each time I feel good enough to run I only get to 1.5 miles before the calf lets go again. YHC wanted to still Q the workout but also show that no matter what the workout can be modified if needed.  No matter if your shoulder, knee, or back may be bothering you a workout can be modified so that every PAX can keep their body safe while getting a good beatdown.

Warm up (Dynamic or stationary): High Knees, Butt Kickers, Cotton pickers, Windmills, Squats each x15 in cadence.

DORA 1-2-3-4: Partner 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 Freddie Mercury (Count only L leg) , 400 Mountain Climbers (Count each leg).  Mosey to other end of parking lot and swap with partner, YHC lunged 20 yards and back instead of running.  Plank-a-rama for six.

11’s: Box jumps (step ups for YHC) and mosey 50 yards for Carolina Dry Docks (10:1, 9:2, …to 1,10).

Lieutenant Dan’s in parking lot: 4 Lunges for 1 squat for the length of parking lot. Reverse with 4 squats and 1 Lunge each LE for trip back.  Al Gore for the six.


5 min AMRAP: 10 reps each

Hand Release Merkins


Gas Pump

Overhead Press (Hallelujah’s)

1 hr done Mileage and distance from 1 mile to 2.2 miles during the bootcamp by the PAX.

BOM/COT: Continued prayers for illnesses, 2 percent and potential Foster, Prayers for Hugo and recovery/family.

Moleskin: As mentioned above, get out of the fartsack and try to give yourself more reasons to get out there with your brothers rather than taking the morning off.  Make sure you modify your exercises, ask the Q for an alternative exercise.  Thanks for your encouragement on Saturday and for pushing me to still get a beatdown with only 1 good leg.  See you in the gloom!