8 pax and 1 K9 planted the VSF on a frosty Durham morning and set off into the unknown.  Navigating by the stars, YHC found an unoccupied turf field that looked primed for pain.  Two headlights appeared in the distance, alerting the pax to a potential late comer.  The pitch blackness completely concealed Rodeo’s arrival, which was only discovered when someone said, “Was that car Rodeo’s?” and Rodeo himself answered, “Yes.”  A total of 9 pax and 2 K9s got down to business…

The Thang…

Number off (pax were told to clearly to remember their number…ahem…Adolphus…)
SSH x 25
Air squats x 25
Arm circles x 25
IW x 25
Merkins x 25
Plank jacks x 25

Sprint to one sideline, 5 burpees
Sprint back, 5 burpees
Repeato x 4

Mosey on over to the PAINground…
Odds (with a recount to accommodate certain unnamed pax)
Pullups x 5, knee ups x 5
Repeat x 4

Merkins x 10, Peter Parkers x 10
Repeat x 4

Flap Jack

Jog to “refreshment” stand…
Derkins x 20
Dips x 20
Derkins x 15
Dips x 15
x 10
x 5

Wall jumps x 15
Burps x 15
x 10
x 5

Low flutter
Hello Dolly
Looooonnng slow flutter
Freddy Mercury


– Apologies to Adolphus’ dog Asia, who is clearly not Emma.  This mistake could be forgiven considering they’re both black dogs and it was dark.
– Kotters to Dream Catcher, in town for a conference from Arizona.  Great to have you back!
– Tclaps to Rodeo for his stealth skills.  If we hadn’t seen the headlights, we never would have known.
– Actual exchange from this morning (in YHC’s head):
Rodeo, what do you feed your dog?
I don’t know, dog food, why?
He looks miserable.
You’re just mad because your stupid pebble theory didn’t work out.
Yeah, and you’re ugly.
Why don’t you just leave?
Why, so you can beat him, Fatty?
– The Ram – March 22, 0630, Outdoor Education Center.  Mark it on your calendars, invite an FNG.
– The Resurgence – May 10, 0700, Old Chapel Hill Park.  Start thinking about who you can invite to this.  Want to have 30+ there.  We can do this…