A mere 10 PAX gathered in the wee morning hours for Dawn Patrol.  Was it the chilly temps, or fear of a Mann-imal beatdown?



Warm up

Jog the perimeter, down Edwards Mill and Glen Eden, with some high-knees and butt kickers thrown into the mix. After missing the path initially, PAX took the road less traveled and eventually made it to the soccer field.

Mann-imal Pentathlon

PAX divvied into two groups.

Event #1 – Group 1 does donkey kicks while Group 2 sprints the field and back. Flapjack.

Event #2 – Group 1 does lateral bear claws while Group 2 does prisoner squats.  Flapjack. Repeato.

Event #3 – Group 1 does frog jumps while Group 2 does mountain climbers. Flapjack. Repeato.

Event #4 – Group 1 does crab walk (halfway) while Group 2 does star jumps.  Flapjack. Repeato.

Event #5 – Group 1 does gorilla run (halfway) while Group 2 does burpees. Flapjack. Repeato.

Picnic Tables – Jog to picnic tables for step-up squats (40 total) OYO, followed by Superman hold for 15 count.  Dips X 15. Derkins X 10.

Dog Sled – Back to the soccer field for dog sled race. 2 at a time pulled sleds w/50 lb sandbags while the next in line picked out favorite exercises, which included burpees, hindu merkins, and Laurel Hills hammers.

Rock Pile – Jog to rock pile. YHC recommended a rock PAX could handle with one hand, and we did woodchoppers X20, hot potato squats X15, rock diamond merkins X10, figure eights X15, and curls X20. Abbreviated Mary included LBCs (w/rocks) X20, prone pulldowns X15, and Sea Turtles X15.



-Johnny Utah suggested our good deed of the day would be to clean up all the trash on the soccer field.  The deed was done. Wendell Gee thought it might have been the result of his son’s basketball team’s raucous end-of-season party, but I digress.

-Fault read the poem, “The Fixer” while PAX cleaned up.  It’s written by “Unknown”, who’s not quite as famous as “Anonymous”, but is pretty well-known nonetheless.

A Fixer

A fixer has the illusion of being causal
a server knows s/he is being used in the service
of something greater,
essentially unknown.

We fix something specific.
We serve always something:
Wholeness and the mystery of life.

Fixing and helping are the work of the ego.
Serving is the work of the soul.

When you help, you see life as weak.
When you fix you see life as broken
When you serve you see life as whole.
Fixing and helping may cure. Service heals.

When I help, I feel satisfaction.
When I serve, I feel gratitude.

Fixing is a form of judgment.
Serving is a form of connection.

– Unknown

– Prayers for Dufresne, who has taken a turn for the worse, and for Utah’s girlfriend’s friend’s father, who just received a terminal cancer diagnosis.

– Cinderella led the ball of man out in prayer.