Bruce Lee - Fists of Fury wobbler

The early morning gloom was cold and bleak. That’s Heavy Metal weather. And for YHC, it was the (iron?) maiden Q in the world of Metal.

For this good Friar, inventiveness and experimentation has always been a high value. Experimentation leads to things like Hendrix stringing a right-handed guitar upside down. Experimentation leads to Jimmy Paige playing a guitar with not one neck, but two. Experimentation leads to Spinal Tap playing amps that go to 11. All heavy metal stories. But perhaps the Spinal Tap example is closer to the experiments of the humble Friar at this morning’s Heavy Metal beatdown!

Still, the PAX got some good laughs and jovial #mumblechatter from the experiments in fury. Here’s how it went down.


Warmup – SSH x20 / Good Mornings x20 / Fists of Fury x12 #fistsofflashdance #isthiswhattheydoatDawnPatrol? / Alt Lunges x20 / Imperial Walkers x20

Cinder block Indian run around Roanoke Park – pass 4 cinderblocks down the line, last man brings back to the front

On to the Stations O Fury:

3:00 per Stop

1) Globe Trotters – Behind-The-Backs (weight or medicine ball passed as 2 men stand back to back with speed ) AMRAP

2) Carolina Dry Derkins (on the bench) AMRAP

3) One-leg 45lb Plate Squats – x10/leg then switch legs AMRAP

4) Bruce Lee Punches of Fury – A brick in each hand – AMRAP

5) Spidey Wall Crawl (across backstop) x10 burpees when reach sides

6) WWII Masonry Sit-ups (WWII sit-ups w/ 2 bricks) AMRAP

7) Overhead 75LB PVC Press (alternate x16) – AMRAP

8) Balls to the Walkman (partner-assisted walking handstand) x30 paces / flapjack

9) WWII Medicine ball sit-ups (feet-to-feet) – AMRAP

10) Pull-ups – AMRAP

11) Cinderblock Rows & Curls – on one knee for rows / stand for curls – 16/arm – AMRAP

MARY:  Sochi Hammers x30 / Low slow flutter x20 / Tuck-Tuck-Goose push-downs


  • Convergence on 3/1 at Pullen. Catalyst will converge to Pullen.
  • Kilt Run & 8k Kilt Run the afternoon of 3/1 #scottishdoubledown
  • USMC MudRun – April
  • GoRuck Challenge – It’s happening. You should do it. 5/3

Prayers requested for men whose families and friends need healing and help.

YHC shared from Psalm 121:1 “I lift my eyes  to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.”

The Psalm writer was looking at the hills of Jerusalem where people often built false idols to worship and trust in. But in contrast, his firm declaration is: My help comes from the Lord.

As men, we can seek help from empty, false sources that we’re tempted to trust in. Or we can find help from the genuine article. The One who made heaven and earth. Find help there, brothers.

Horshack took us out with much-appreciated prayers.