Ten PAX hit the Vortex in rather crisp spring weather for a double dose of merkins.

After the usual warm up lap and exercises, we went straight into the first merkin pyramid (up and down).  Easy.

We then did “Vortex Ping Pong” for a few minutes (bear crawling form the 18 to midfield, five burpees, crab-walking back, five burpees, repeat…), while pairs rotated out to go do 12 pull-ups at the playground.  After all PAX had done their pull ups, we did another merkin pyramid (up and down).  Harder.  Sweats was the man, holding the plank between most sets.

All ten PAX then assumed the “wall-sit” position along the fence, passing back and forth a cinderblock.  PAX rotated out of line one at a time to run across the width of the field and back.

We filled the remainder of the time on the playground, rotating through sets of 25x Carolina drydocks, Australian pull-ups, dips, and overhead presses (with rucks and cinderblocks).  Together, we then did 15 cadence count merkins for good measure before returning to the field for Mary.

It wasn’t an original or challenging enough workout to merit the outpouring of too much literary energy, but a double dose of merkins covers over a multitude of sins.  It’s always a blessing to be out with such a great group of guys.