YHC showed up angry after his beloved Irish were beaten by a formidable championship contender in the Tar Heels. Differential was 12 so that was the number we set our sights on.

Jog up to track, SSHx15, Good mornings x15, Imperial Walker x15, arm circles OYO.

Moved right into the thang…
-400m sprints followed by 200m jog, no walk. Repeato x4
-Original plan was to continue to 12 PAX, but we were getting too far apart from each other
-Adjusted to do 400M sprint competition. Pick a man, decide if a starting lead is needed, then race the 400M. Loser of each round hit merkins and jump lunges. 100m jog and 100m walk. Repeato x3
-With time drawing near, rapid fire Mary for last 4 minutes. No hands flutter, Heels to Heaven, Box Cutter

Never quite hit 12 … next time..

– 2 for EC for sets of 10 pull ups, got around 50 dead hangs. Would love to have some more PAX join Sweats and I at 0500 every Monday