The Forge

What the H.E. double hockey sticks is going on at THE FORGE. Here’s how it went down. I think I got a note from Epoxy to Q da Forge about three months ago. I do what I’m told. #marriedman #signup So, the date comes and I realize it’s Spring Break week. Light crowd. I get a message from Tiger Beat. “Denali, you in?” Come on, bro. I’m in for sure. Ok, several folks are out for Spring Break but it will be great. Small but solid group. (As an aside, please don’t ever call me small but solid. #motionintheocean #ha)

YHC goes to bed expecting two people at THE FORGE. To my surprise, THE FORGE is arguably the most popular work-out in the Triangle. Cars start lining up to enter the infamous Pullen Park like we’re giving away free drinks post work-out. #munson #thatneverworks #workoutkiller #dook

Needless to say, the nervousness starts ratcheting up but we devised a plan. Here’s what we did:

Mosey to the circle, COP.

SSH, GM, Mountain Climber, Superman Merkins, Diamond Merkins.

Mosey to Andy Griffin: Main Event.

Each person carries the Kettlebell #props #gimmick around the lake while the PAX chases you. Upon the PAX catching you, switch to the next person. The PAX cycles between Merkins, LBCs, and Jump Lunges x10 at each station when a runner was caught. It look a long time. We went around four or five times. I can’t remember but everyone loved it. #editoral

After the lake circle drill, head back around the lake for a double bridge burpee broad jump drill. #excellent

Then, mosey to the picnic area to grab some “bench”: Alt. Left/Right Step-ups, Derkins, Dips and Box Jumps x2.

Partner chase around the lake #theme. Meet halfway for 10 partner hand clappers and then race back to the start. Loser does 10 burpees. Winner gloats.

Finally, mosey back to the starting circle. 6 inches merkin hold. Five count around the circle. Next, straight leg hold for five count around the circle and finally the Boat/Canoe.


I like Tacos kid is doing some great stuff in the community. Help to support the food drive.

Grease Monkey’s wife (Lyme Disease). Spring Break travel. Unspoken Prayers.

Invisible shirt took us out.

Amazing Group. I’ll be back. I like what your doing here!
Thanks for the honor to lead such fine men.