As the title would suggest, YHC had been feeling a sense of incompleteness in the days leading up to this beat down. But why? What did I need to feel whole? Something was nagging at YHCs subconscious. YHC was determined, no, hell-bent on figuring out what was haunting him.

10 PAX circled up, listening to “One Shining Moment” by Luther Van Dross. Why, you ask? Because Burt. Welcome back, brother. We missed you. Shovel flag was posted (Thanks Team DZ), so off we went into the gloom.

Warm Up

Jog out of the Burt Center lot and down to the Picnic Shelter That Always Smells Like Hot Garbage. Circle up in the street for:

  • SSH x 25
  • Good Morning x 15
  • Imperial Walker x 15
  • Merkins x 15, IC (Ma Bell style. If Ma Bell ain’t gunna do them, somebody has to)

Something finally dawned on YHC. The baseball fields!!  Just a few days prior, YHC led the PAX to the Field of Nightmares at Phoenix, which ended up being the unfinished business YHC felt in his gut. YHC ran out of time and hadn’t been able to finish what he started.

Would you look at that? The baseball diamonds were just a few steps away! it almost seems like YHC had planned this!

The Thang

Jog to Field #7. Congregate around home plate while QIC explains what’s up. Jacob’s ladder – run the bases, do a burpee. Run the bases, do two burpees. Continue up to 7 burpees. People’s chair when finished. Once all PAX completed the ladder, 7 count down the line in People’s chair position. Next, plank it out with 10 count down the line.

Recover, then jog over to Field #6. No one was playing Cricket this time, so YHC had the PAX line up single file behind home plate. Next, we hit for the cycle – Sprint one-at-a-time to first (like you hit a single), jog back to home. Once all PAX finished, sprint again, this time heading to second base (via first, like you hit a double), then jog back home. Next, sprint to third. Finish by sprinting all four bases like you’re trying to score a little league home run. Once finished, repeat the People’s Chair and Plank routine from Field #7.

Recover, then jog through the woods, eventually ending up on the bottom side of the dam by the rock pile. Grab a rock, will not travel. Circle up for some Rock-o-rama:

  • Curls x 15
  • Press x 15
  • Extensions x 15
  • Rows x 15
  • Squats x 15
  • Curls x 10
  • Press x 10
  • Extensions x 10
  • Rows x 10
  • Squats x 10

Return rocks to their home, then jog toward the hill and dale. Stop momentarily to do a set of monkey humpers under Bartman’s missing calf sleeve (See: NMS). After that, start heading to Field #4 to finish the unfinished business…but wait…we only have 7 minutes left. YHC despaired a few moments, trying to decide whether it was wise to try it. Largemouth heard the whole thing. Ultimately, I decided we would not be able to make it today. It was a sobering moment for YHC. But Largemouth said something that I will never forget.

I’ll tell you about it later.

Anyway, we headed toward the BFH, aka the Big Friendly Hill and counted off into 1s and 2s. Three rounds:

  • 1s – Run up the hill, 10 Starjumps, run back; 2s – LBCs AMRAP; flapjack
  • 1s- run hill, 15 Diamond Merkins, run back; 2s – Hello Dolly AMRAP; flapjack
  • Mention something about the Bull
  • 1s – run hill, 15 Sumo Squat, then squat hold; 2s – squat hold, then run hill and 15 Sumo Squats

Recover and job to Billy Run Starting Line. YHC throws out the “Ya’ll know what this is!”, then starts running back to the Burt Center. Once there, circle up for a little more:


  • LBCs x 15
  • Hammers x 15


  • Count-o-rama: 10 PAX: 4 RESPECTs, 1 hate, 5 mehs.
  • Nam-o-rama: check
  • Annoucements: basically ended up being 3 minutes of mumblechatter
  • Prayer requests: Marriages, in general; M. Grease Monkey


  • Today was fun. Smaller crowds this week as some of the PAX are fartsacking (They would say they are vacationing, but we know the truth)
  • I mentioned Bartman’s calf sleeve and maybe one other person knew what I was talking about. I didn’t mind it. I’m used to people not understanding my train of thought. But, if you’d like a clearer idea of the joke, please refer to the commentary from the backblast referenced above (Field of Nightmares)
  • Starting the day off with “One Shining Moment” should be a new thing. We should do that every time.
  • Burt pointed out that this year’s “shining moment” montage won’t be using the Luther Van Dross version of the song. This led to some speculation as to whom the new artist would be.
  • My favorite suggestions? Drake. Eminem. That Asian Dude From American Idol Who Got Famous Becuase He Was A Terrible Singer. Whitney Houston. Too soon?
  • Largemouth, in all his wisdom, lowered his voice and almost inaudibly said, “You can always do it next time.”
  • It was like a whale was lifted off my chest. The worry and anxiety I was experiencing suddenly vanished. In that moment, in the quiet of the morning, between the pitter-patter of our shoes on the greenway pavement, amidst the gloom, on a chilly Wednesday morning…I was freed. Freed to Lead.
  • i should just end my writing career right now.
  • I mean, that was just perfect. I really don’t think I could have done that any better.
  • I really should just quit while I’m ahead…








  • Who am I kidding?
  • But seriously…a younger and dumber Callahan would have chanced it and ended up getting back to the cars 5 minutes late.
  • Burt, take it away.
  • Yes, Burt?
  • Yes, Burt?
  • Oh…nothing. I was just saying hey. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING??
  • Yes. Thanks, Burt. Have a nice day.
  • I had a good time talking about my baby boy after COT this morning. It was fairly entertaining, actually. I was going on and on about talking/singing to my M’s tummy and my kid kicking back at me, and everyone stood around with funny looks in their eyes, like “Yeah, Cally. We get it. We’ve been there before.”
  • It was a good moment. I hate it for those who missed it.
  • Tango Papa even sarcastically told me I’m gunna be a terrible father. It truly warmed my heart!
  • To be fair…he followed that by saying “I love seeing the love.”
  • Speaking of kids, I was reminded that at some point in the near future I’ve gotta get my Babysitter roster filled out. You may be hearing from me soon, gents.
  • Gotta get some work done


(for reals this time)