I spent a lot of Wednesdays meeting in the JC Penney parking lot at 5:45. Met and sweated and laughed with a lot of great guys. It’s been good to have a chance to get back over to UJ since handing Ethanol off to the fastest brothers in F3Raleigh. Today was simple. Tabata, run, Tabata. The end. Seriously, let me explain a little.

1 FNG, disclaimer given, mosey to front parking lot for COP

Slow Merkin X 10
Good Morning X 15
Mountain Climber X 15
SSH X 15
Windmill X 15

Stay in circle for leg Tabata set. 4 sets of 4 exercises, as many reps as possible per set. 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.
-Squat Jump
-High Knees
-Alternating Lunge Jump
-Monkey Humpers

Count off, 24, divide into thirds. One group runs to fountain at Penneys for AMRAP flutters. One group stays put for AMRAP box cutters, one group sprints from box cutter group to flutter group. Flapjack back and forth for 15 minutes.

Mosey back to parking lot by Penneys for upper body Tabata set.
Same as before. 4 sets of 4 exercises.
-Merkin Jack
-Plank to Squat
-Hand Release Merkin

-Rosalita X 20
-Hello Dolly X 20
-Dying Cockroach X 20

No announcements other than Arena. Prayers for Azul’s elderly neighbor. Azul took us out with grace as he always does. Thanks for the opportunity to break a little sweat with you fools.