It’s the last day of the month…the end of the first quarter…16 days until Tax Day.  The Judge will be waiting.  Come test yourself.  Have you gotten better since that New Year’s Resolution?  Here’s the deal…If you remember the Lee 500, this will be similar.

Warm-up jog down to the fork in the trail near the Rings and the Dojo.  We’ll keep it simple.  Complete the Burpee Buster then run a lap around the Dojo.  Rinse, Wash, Repeat until 608am and head back to the parking lot for Mary and COT.

Burpee Buster (5 Burpee types, 6 reps each = 30 burpees)

  1. Standard Burpee
  2. Jump Knee Tuck Burpee
  3. Prison Cell Merkin Burpee
  4. Ski Ab Burpee (Right – Left = 1)
  5. Hand Release Burpee

See you at 530am.

Manna afterwards at Caribou Coffee.