4 PAX, building on a growing interest in the Thursday workouts braved the gloom for a good old fashioned beat down. Floyd, rested and plump from his week long vacation at the beach was ready. The multitude of 12 ounce curls he had performed last week kept him in fine shape for today’s adventure.

Warm up
1/2 mile run
Willie Mays Hayes x 10
Windmills x 10
LBAC x 10
Backwards LBAC x 10
Good Mornings x 10
SSH x 10
Pull-ups x 10
Air-Squats x 25
Pull-ups x 10
Air-Squats x 25

Run to concession stand

The Thang: The Decelorator
At the rock wall, perform a ton of decreasing number of exercises
Derkins x 30
Derkins x 25
Wall jumps x 30
Derkins x 20
Wall jumps x 25
LSF x 30
Derkins x 15
Wall jumps x 20
LSF x 25
Derkins x 10
Wall jumps x 15
LSF x 20
Derkins x 5
Wall jumps x 10
LSF x 15
Wall jumps x 5
LSF x 10
LSF x 5

Mosey over to turf field
100 yard sprints x 5

LBC x 30
6″ leg raises x 40
Heels to heavens x 30
Russian Hammers x 30

Woody is a pull up machine. Never needs a spotter.
Cardiac is a beast. While most of us were content to do the number of exercises as called, Cardiac went above and beyond.
Welcome to Bushwood who started F3 this week and made his first 3 posts.
Let’s keep the Thursday thing going. I’d love for us to get 10 regulars.