A hearty group of 13 men and a very brief appearance by an FNG came out for a splendid morning of sweat, work and good cheer. A few regulars, namely Grease Monkey, Saban and Ce-Lo, were missed and semi regular Surcharge (that claims he is disabled), but a strong group showing were ready to go at 5:45 nonetheless.


Warm Up: Jog to our favorite bank circle with some nice Town of Cary artwork. Good mornings x 15, Imperial walkers x 15, Mountain climbers x 15. Wonk decides he needs no warm up and shows up in time for Da Thang.

Da Thang: Jog over to parking lot adjacent to the eyebrow threading establishment. Partner up (size no matter). Partner 1 bearcrawl to end of lot & buttkickers back, Partner 2 LBC’s until 1 returns and flapjack, repeat 2 more times alternating mary activities whilst bearcrawls ensue. Recover.

jog to YHC’s favorite B.O. place, da parking deck. Find your partner. Partner 1 take off up the 3 flights of stairs, run the length of the deck, down the stairs and run back the length of deck while partner 2 plankholds. Wonk pointed out to the QIC just how long of a hold this would be. Noted. Flapjack. Repeato 2 more times with starjumps, prison squats, boxcutters, low slow flutters, etc. Recover.

Jog over to low wall and find a spot. Dips x 15, Irkens x 12, Dips x 12, standard merkeins x 10(thanks Burt)

Head back to our warm up spot for some Mary. Heels to heaven x 15, boxcutters x 15, plankjacks x 15 and American hammers x 20.

COT: Namarama, prayers for a friend of banjo’s daughter as well as for a student at Panther Creek that passed and those that knew him. Wonk took us out.

Great to lead you men, as always. Great group.