It was a dreary morning in the gloom of Urban Jungle. Heavy rain the night before kept some PAX away, but 17 made the trip out. YHC was feeling the effects of a devastating loss suffered by his beloved Orioles the night before. After some brief commiserating with Larry David, it was time to begin. With one FNG present, a disclaimer was given and away we went.

The Thang

Jog over to the front parking lot by Six Forks for warm-ups: SSH x20, Good mornins x15, Mountain Climbers x20, Seal Jacks x20, Imperial Walkers x20

Mosey on over to CapTrust parking deck. Had to take the side ramp up. All this construction is really messing with our site.

Partner up. At the base of each deck ramp Partner 1- 10 merkins Partner 2- 5 burpees. Sprint the ramp, jog the flats. Flapjack exercises at the base of each ramp. Continue all the way to the top. PAX worked hard and stayed close pretty well. It is an unusual feeling when 17 PAX seems like a small number.

Once everyone arrived at the top, 20 LBCs. Break into two groups. YHC had planned with the expectation of 30+ PAX. The plan was followed though and pain ensued. Slight variations of the following exercises based on whether the leader was yours truly, or Deliverance.

Group 1: Deliverance took his men down the stairs to the WOB fountains. 11’s with Dips and burpee jump-ups (his terrible idea, not mine). Second set with Irkins and squats.

Group 2: On the top ramp, YHC lead some circuits up and down the ramp. 1. Crab walk up, jog down, plank. 2. Bear crawl up, jog down, plank. 3. Lunge walk up, jog down, plank 4. Wheelbarrow halfway, FJ, jog down, plank. People’s chair for an 8 count per man.

Group 2 came and swapped with Group 1. Can’t speak to exactly what was dished out by Deliverance. It probably sucked too. After the second set was completed, we began our long jog home.


LBCs, Freddies, Hammers. Done.

One FNG brought by Life Alert, we named him Cranberry. Continued prayers for Orwell and his family. Check out details for the MULE and The Arena on the website. Countrywide took us out. Always a pleasure to lead you guys. Thanks to Deliverance for agreeing to co-Q. Aye!