The Judge comes at you tomorrow morning at the usual time (5:30 a.m.) and usual place (NC Museum of Art – classy).

Grab a buddy and proceed as follows:

– Run the Blue Loop

– near the end of the loop, vear off to the left and approach the three rings of fire

– Run through the three rings of fire, stopping inside each ring for 15 standard merkins (1st ring), 15 wide grip k(2nd ring), 15 diamond merkins (3rd ring)

– proceed up the greenway, past the big concrete mans legs, and hang a right at the top of the big grass hill

– proceed down the big grass hill, rejoin the greenway, and proceed along the greenway around the ampitheater all the way around to the stairs which ajoin the outer wall of the museum

– bear crawl down the stairs

– proceed to the mosh pit for – 15 jump ups on the stage, 15 dips off the stage, 15 burpees

– proceed out of the ampitheater back to the greenway headed in the direction of the big grass hill, run up the big grass hill

– at the top of the big grass hill, partner 1 does Turkish Get Ups while partner runs to the bottom of the hill and back, switch

– proceed down the greenway back to the burning rings of fire

keep running through this lap until we call time to head to the parking lot around 6:08 or so.