Crazy Ivan is a little more than just swinging around the kettlebells. 4 strong showed including a surprise accidental post for Lipton who thought our flag was up for Cletus but decided Crazy Ivan would be a cool warm down from his solo EC Murph, and a late join from Mookie who stuck with his HC for Sleeveless.

We rallied on the dark side of Womble and started off with 2 laps around the lot on the jog, leaving the kettles behind. W/u SSH ICx10, good mornings ICx10, imperial walkers ICx10, hillbillies ICx10, fazio ac ICx10 forward and reverse, 10 count each side shoulder stretch, 10 count each arm overhead, 10 count chest stretch. With the kettlebell workout warming up and getting good stretch is important in maintaining form and reducing risk of injury.

On the Indian March around the fields, kettles in hand, for a 3 station set with hold type and station exercise at each corner as follows (did SSH ICx10 at each to warm up the hands):

Chest carry – 20 around the worlds

Left arm carry – 20 around the legs

Right arm carry – 20 figure 8s

Overhead carry to start

Round 1 – 3x this complete set:

2 hand swing x10

upright row x10

russian twist x10

Recover on the jog the lot dodging what appeared to be a Cletus Bear Crawl beatdown.

Round 2 – 3x this complete set:

1 hand swing x10 each arm

single arm floor press x10 each side and we added reps each set

clean and press x10 each side

Burned it out with Turkish Get Ups and Reverse Bottoms-Up Bicep Curls to failure.

Joined up with Cletus for Mary, etc.