Especially at Christmas, we get to experience joy vicariously through our kids.  Their unbridled anticipation and excitement for Christmas morning is something wonderful to see.  I feel that kind of joy when a new Star Wars movie is due to come out.  The nostalgia of childhood and Kenner action figures, learning that I’m still a better father than Luke’s, and the triumph of John Williams’ music all have me bursting with exhilaration.  I tried to bring some of that feeling to today’s workout, including music from the films.

Warm Up

-C-3PO “Over Here”s  (Side Straddle Hops)

-Battle Droid Bend Overs (Good Mornings)

-Mynock Arm Circles (Sir Fazio Arm Circles)

-“Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi” Princess Leia to R2-D2 data insertions (The Grinder Leg Stretch)

-Jar-Jar Binks Steps (Hillbillies)

-Soundtrack – Star Wars Main Title


The Thang


Han Solo is the galaxy’s greatest smuggler, escaping Imperial entanglements at every turn.

-Mosey to the cinder blocks at the rock pile and smuggle a block back to the parking lot.

-Complete the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs

-Run to the end of the parking lot and complete 2 squats to keep the trash compactor open

-Return to start and complete 2 Jabba chokes (bent over rows with your block)

-Repeat, adding 2 additional reps on each lap until you reach a total of 12 squats and chokes

-Soundtrack – The Asteroid Field and Han Solo and the Princess


The Battle of Hoth

-Mosey to the west side of the parking lot with your block

-Partner up

-First partner AT-AT walks (bear crawls) to the first line and starts AMRAP Imperial Walkers

-Second partner AT-AT walks to the first line and starts AMRAP Imperial Walkers

-Once partner arrives, first partner AT-AT walks to the second line and starts Imperial Squat Walkers

-Continue like so, with AT-ST walks (high knees) at the third line

-Reverse back to start

-Soundtrack – The Battle in the Snow and The Imperial March


Dagobah, home of Yoda, is where Luke trained to become a Jedi Knight.

-Remain in partners and mosey to the wall and playground area with your block

-One partner performs a Jedi handstand (balls to the wall, one-handed like Luke for extra credit)

-Other partner makes blocks move with the Force (10 curls and 10 triceps extensions)

-Switch places; repeat 3 cycles

-One partner performs a Jedi meditation (people’s chair)

-Other partner does 5 pull-ups (just like Luke did in the trees of Dagobah)

-Switch places; repeat 3 cycles

-Soundtrack – Yoda and the Force and Yoda’s Theme


Rey scales The Jedi Steps on Ahch-To at the end of The Force Awakens to meet Luke, and to ask for his help with the Resistance’s struggle against the First Order, and to help hone her newfound skills.

-Everyone picks a SuckBrick (stone bench) around the perimeter of the bench area

-Perform 10 Force push-ups (hand clap incline merkins, with or without the hand clap)

-Move to the next SuckBrick and perform 10 Jedi high jumps (box jumps)

-Move to the next SuckBrick and perform 10 lunging step-ups

-Continue in this fashion around all the SuckBricks until you return to your original spot

-Soundtrack – The Jedi Steps and Finale


The Jedi were kind enough to stay a little late and return the blocks to their home near the rock pile.







Count-a-rama:  13 Jedi



-Monday, 12/18 – Raleigh F3 Christmas Party

-F3 North Wake is getting together to see Star Wars:  The Last Jedi on Monday evening

-Continue fundraising for CrabLegs from F3 South Wake (check Twitter feed)


May the Force be with you!