0528, Womble Park, 16 degrees. There was one HC to join QIC. Accountability was 100% as we started on time as a PAX of two. Sometimes, the smallest workouts are the strongest – nowhere to hide and the opportunity for high value mumble chatter. This was a great one.

W/u on a jog around the lot followed by IC SSH, fazio arm circles and shoulder stretch. Took a second lap of the lot and finished with IC imperial walkers/hillbillies and a set of squats to loosen up.

First set was figure 8s x10 followed by halos x10. 3 full sets of each.

On the kettlebell march around the soccer fields we did alternating holds with corner breaks for 3 sets of 10 merkins, 15 swings and 15 SSH.

Next set was right arm clean x10, left arm clean x10, right arm press x10 and left arm press x10. We did 3 full sets.

Recover on the jog around the lot.

Next set was brutal. 15 swings followed by 15 upright rows. 3 full sets with recover rest between as this was a burnout set.

Recover on the jog around the lot.

Final set was reverse bottoms up 1 arm isolation curls to destroy what was left of our biceps. 10 each arm, repeat for 3 sets.

We went on the jog to join Cletus for MARY where we unexpectedly ended up doing long count BTTW mixed in with russian hammers, nipplers and pickle pounders on insane 33 and 34 counts. A tip of the hat to the Cletus crew and Banana Seat on the Q for a creative post that included 2017 reps total – rounded out with 17 burpees OYO to close out the year.

As always with Crazy Ivan we focused on form as it is critical to maximize results of the motions but also to mitigate against injury. These workouts are more than just standing in the corner of a gym pushing through set after set after set as we include plenty of diversity with traditional exercises and making sure to get the legs moving.  Covered about 1.6 miles today.