It was a bitter cold morning out at Disney as 10#HIM gathered to bring 2017 to a close for Disney.

We opened with w/u on the jog followed by some IC work including SSH, fazio arms, the goofballs, morrocan night clubs and a bonus set of SSH.  We built in sets of SSH throughout the workout to keep the hands warm.

On the jog to the lower lot and a set of dips ICx10 followed by ATMs. We did 3 rounds and this gives a good early burnout on the arms and chest.

Partnered up for some laps with each partner heading in opposite direction around the lot. Meet halfway for 5 burpees, continue on the lap and meet up for 10 patty cake merkins. Once merkins complete, sprint to opposite ends of lot and bear crawl back to start. We again did some SSH to warm up the hands and recover, then we did 2 more full sets.

Recover on the Indian Run to the Abyss. Split in 2 groups with one heading down the steps to do 10 merkins and other staying up top for 10 star squat jumps. Rotated position between top and bottom to complete 3 full sets of each.

On the jog to start for quick round of plank-o-rama.

Count was 10 strong, name-o-rama, announcements and prayer requests.

Closed with a message about New Years – if looking back on 2017 know that if you posted and engaged with F3 this year you made a difference in someone’s life through accountability and support – if setting resolutions you should focus on all 3 Fs and you should think big because we all have such a strong foundation of strength and support.