SouthWake PAX,

Can’t say how thankful I was for my F3 brothers and Pickin’ N Grinning helping me out last week when I was unable to Q.  My father-in-law and I were up till 3 AM working on the new Homestead to prep for inspection and didn’t feel it would be a good idea to Q the next day 2 hours later.  Great work by all you guys out there. YHC heard the weather forecast was cold and slight chance for some frozen precipitation and I was ready to try my new head lamp. It felt like a Maglite on my head but it did great!  Great to see the cars filling up the parking lot even with the chilly weather.  The challenge has been set that if 20 guys show up to a Getting The Runs workout that YHC will jump into Lake Benson no matter the temperature or weather. I’ve been called out on the challenge in ENC and figured it was time. Great to have an FNG today and impressed he made it out with the temps. This workout was from a ENC brother of mine Strokes and wanted to introduce South Wake to it!  FROZEN BALLS TODAY!

The Thang: Brief warm up: Jogging  butt kickers, jogging high knees, Soldier walks, Open/close Gate 100ft each

Indian Run from Shovel Flag to Aldi on Timber.

Instructions given for Team Frozen Ball competition, object is to race to top of the Timber Hill to another bucket, do 5 Burpees to get a golf ball out for your team and 5 burpees when you get back to the bottom of the hill for your round to count.  OYO. Team with the most balls at the end wins. Guys did great pushing each other but at the end both teams each had the same amount so the penalty burpees didn’t happen.

Scout Run back to the Flag with Jailbreak called by Pickin N Grinning right after his scout run to burn him out.  Leaders back to the six to bring in the PAX together.

COT/BOM: Continue prayers for Labrat and his family, Prayers for Ben and his rehab, Prayer for Stretch’s Grandma in-law who is having brain cancer surgery Friday.  Prayer for families and friends lost throughout the holiday season, Bubble Wrap Stress and Busy at work.

Keep working hard guys, there is a free 50k in Greenville NC on 12/31 if anybody is interested just get a hold of me and I can get you the details (BP 50k on Facebook)!  Stretch Out!