Great morning for a run! I love the simple point to point format. Pick a point and run to it.  Turn around, run to the last man and bring the PAX to the point. Repeato. This group of 6 stayed together for the most part.

Warm up – Good Mornings, SSH, Windmills
First Point – Ramblewood Bellevue corner
Second Point – Drewry Landor corner
Third Point – Drummond Marlowe corner (YHC showed PAX the Drummond lot I grew up on – house bulldozed)
Fourth point – Lassiter Mill Marlowe corner (PAX plank work)
Fifth Point – Hertford Transylvania corner (Shaggy “Where’s the PT? Didn’t think I’d want some burpees.”)
Sixth Point – Allegheny Yadkin corner (Texas Pete – “What’s with all the running Screech?”)
Seventh Point – Yadkin Currituck corner (YHC obliges PAX with a little pain)
Eighth Point – Yadkin Northbrook corner (to please Shaggy, 10 burpees OYO)
Ninth Point – back to start
A little stretching

Done! 5.6 miles.

Strava Link – Where We Went

New Year’s Day convergence 7 am at Pullen Park. Frey Daddy and Leandro Q.
Krispy Kreme challenge Feb 3

Prayer Requests
Fazio and Pork Chop Sandwich recovering
Shaggy’s aunt with Alzheimer’s
My mom with late stage Alzheimers and dad with prostate cancer
Prayers for safe travels, quality time with friends and family
Prayers for those struggling this season

I closed us out in prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and serve. Aye!