Inspired by Nemo’s BB last Thursday YHC decided to do a repeat with a few twists for the 12 Days of F3

On the 1st day of F3 my true Q gave to me…

W/u for ICx20 SSH, ICx10 fazio arm circles (forward and reverse) and ICx10 High Knees and Butt Kickers.


PAX toed the line for 12 Days of F3 set, Q called the 1st exercise. PAX completed exercise with plank or Al Gore hold for the 6. Q calls 2nd exercise and PAX completes then repeats 1st exercise. Build to completion as follows:

1st – sprint to the cones and back

2nd – Body Shakers x2

3rd – burpees x3

4th – squat jumps x4

5th – Monkey Humpers ICx5

6th – mt. climbers ICx6

7th – Get Ups x7

8th – Nipplers x 8

9th – Squats x9

10th – chill cut plank hold ICx10

11th – Raise the Roof ICx11

12th – SSH ICx12


Here Comes Merkin Claus

PAX circled up for one of the most “goobery” Christmas songs ever written.  Every time Gene Autry said “Santa Claus”, PAX dropped for a Merkin.  When not doing a Merkin, while being serenaded by this awfulness, PAX held a plank.  No one will ever think of this song in the same way again!  You’re Welcome…


Mary:  A little round the horn plank-o-rama.  PAX called out any exercise and we went ‘round the horn until everyone called an exercise.  Finished out with YHC leading the PAX for “In&Outs” IC for last man standing.  As PAX feet hit the floor, rotated around for a plank hold.  Props to Farva and Double D for hanging in there until ~50 before a “MERRY CHRISTMAS” was yelled out and Farva Double D and YHC dropped within a few seconds of each other. Personal favorites:  Double D with the Burpees right off the bat, Hard Hat’s Dead bugs (we just laid there for a 15 count).

BoM/CoT:  Many families traveling so stay safe and be safe.  Lay off the drinks when you’re driving especially.  It’s a busy time for everyone, lets not forget the true reason for the season.

Mumble chatter for a CSAUP in Q1 2018 involving a few South Wake sites–More to come.

See you all in 2018!

-Lab Rat