Back blast – Thursday, December 21 – Disney

22 Strong. 1 FNG – Cooper Cash – now forever known as Straight Cash


Side Straddle, Windmill, Imperials, Hillbilly’s, Fozzy Arm circles,Star Jumps


Hold and Sprint – Partnered up

  • one sprint and one hold plank; switch
  • one sprint and one hold squat; switch


Wheel Barrel

  • 11 parking spaces (merchins on each line from 10, 9… to 1) then switch with partner for 11 spaces

Backward Wheel Barrel

  • 11 parking spaces then switch with partner for 11 spaces

Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers and Star Jumps


Ab burnout – Box cutters, Freddy Mercury, LBC’s, Plank-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama


  • ALS Shirts – wear Red on race day WB
  • Run Ranger Run – join a team or start your own, starts Feb

Prayer Request:

  • Crab Legs, Traveling far for several PAX this week

Thought of the Day:

The Art of Fulfillment – Are you fulfilled? In the book of Mathew and John it repeats the idea that to be truly fulfilled, we need a relationship with God.  Fulfillment is not Achievement, it’s different.  You can have the best 5K record or the most Triathlon’s under your belt, or the biggest house/car or title of CEO – you can achieve all that but still not be fulfilled.

Fulfillment is something more; it’s when the heart and head are proud/happy. In other words the soul feels good.

Feel like you’re missing something and need fulfillment – try more F3 workouts, come to Sleeveless at 5am on Friday’s at Womble!

Nice work guys. ~ 187