2 Durham pax moved stealthily through the cool morning air looking for some intel on their Chapel Hill brethren.  The basketball team was looking weak, asleep in their beds, confirming prior intel from deep cover agents.  This was broadcast back to home base and the 2 pax were set to make good on their exfiltration.  Unfortunately they came upon 4 Chapel Hill pax of a stronger sort.  Battle commenced…

The Thang:

Arm circles x 15 each way
Windmills x 15
Good mornings x 15
SSH x 25
Air squats x 15
Snowboarders x 10
Jump lunges x 10

The Chapel Hill pax were looking strong at this point, the Durham boys were pinned down with heavy fire from Shooter’s jump lunges.  YHC decided a diversion was in order, and made a quick audible during the mosey to some unnamed killing field, leading to pax to a high school football practice field…
Jack Webbs
Walking lunge across field, backward sprint back
Webb Jacks

The pax were ready to wave the white flag and talk of truce was in the air.  In a show of good faith YHC asked to be led by the CH pax to some stairs, where a Jacob’s ladder ambush was waiting…
Jacob’s ladder starting with 5 burpees and working down to one
Mountain climbers x 20
Peter parkers x 20

The battle moved to some other field where the pax encountered a common enemy, none other than Jack Webb’s good friend…
Jebbs Wack

LBCs x 25
Freddie Mercury x 20
Rosadollies x 16
Mission impossible x 10 count around
Putins x 10 count around
Sarkozy x 10 count around


– Yet another battle royale between the Durham and Chapel Hill crews.  Hard to keep these Chapel Hill pax down.
– The snowboarders were in honor of the two US golds in slopestyle.  Can we really call it a sport if you can wear the same thing as your coach wears, and you have to ride your board on some rails?  Was super stoked/buzzed/amped to see those golds, though.
– Mr. Jack Webb…we hate you…
– The black plague is moving through the pax.  Prayers for good health for all…