PAX of 5, including an FNG, braved the 38 degree Spring morning gloom with kettlebells. Workout began with a welcome/disclaimer to FNG and a warm-up run around the soccer pitch circling up for some calisthenics. Exercises included SSH, cotton-pickers, windmills, Imperial walkers, arm circles, arm stretches and hillbillies.

Grabbed our kettlebell and John Cusak’d over to the amphitheater for 10 alternating step-ups with kettlebell in each hand. Dropped the kettlebell and performed 10 derkins and 10 dips.
Sauntered back to the track with kettlebell held in goblet position stopping along the way cranking out 10 goblet squats and 10 uneven merkins with each arm (Dauber’s new favorite) before heading to the pavilion while performing overhead tricep curls.

Took a page from @Gump’s Varina wall exercises; PAX got on their six and performed LBCs, hung out on the wall with a 10-count balls-to-the-walls and 10 wall merkins. Rinse and repeat.
Continued our saunter alternating arms with a farmer’s carry stopping to perform kettlebell swings (15) and figure-eights (10L, 10R). Found some fence and did one set of typewriter on the lower rung before picking up the kettlebell again and executing more swings, figure eights, adding around the body and halos (around the head). PAX choice carrying their kettlebell as each sauntered to the next circuit exercise.

What’s an F3 workout without burpees. Ten burpees OYO.

John Cusak’d while sauntering to next kettlebell exercise -15 or 20 Homer-to-Mars. Arms were fatigued but we kept going inspired by our brothers in the parking lot at Cletus. Added bent over rows and a new exercise combining alternating lunges with a handoff with the kettlebell (pushing it out from chest) with rest in between.

And if the saunter circuit training was not enough, this PAX of 5 joined our brethren at Cletus who began a MURPH partnering up knocking out 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 sit-ups.

COT followed in the tennis courts with a cool down led by @Skidmark. Prayers for Crablegs and a PAX friend with a recent diagnosis. Announcements included Saturday ALS walk and Clothing/toiletries drive collection next Friday, April 27 at Cletus for Healing Transitions.

Thanks @Dawgpound for inviting me to Q.