That’s right.  Back by popular demand, it was stair day.

Started with a lap of the field and circled up for w/u with SSH ICx20, Fazio Arms ICx15 and a set of Goof Balls ICx10.

On the jog to the baseball lot we stopped for extra w/u including legs and arms.

It was straight to the stairs for a brutal beatdown with a bit of a surprise ending.  Partnered up for accountability, and size kinda mattered too.  Starting up top we did Patty Cake Merkins x15, jog down the stairs and do Squat Star Jumps x15.  Back up top and repeat 3x.  After 3rd set of Squat Stars plank hold at the bottom for the 6 then a 10 count recover.  Then the real fun started with Stairbarrows.  Started with another set of squat jumps.  This was done as a burnout set so partner 1 was hands down and climbing the stairs pushing as far up as possible then recover on the walk to the top.  We did plank hold for the 6, 15 more patty cake merkins and headed back down the stairs and changed positions on the Stairbarrow so partner 2 had a chance for some fun.  Last added surprise was a final time up the stairs with each set pf partners on Stairbarrow and alternating positions as needed to make it to the top.

On the recover jog back to the start we had a little extra time so we hit the wall for alternating BTTW and squat jumps.

MARY was a rapid plank-o-rama with a couple PAX calling out for burpees.

Countoff was 14 #HIM


Announcements – Sleeveless 0500 at Hunt Center, a great chance to reach beyond the 1st F

Prayer Requests – we did a silent 10 count to offer time for each to lift any unspoken

YHC took us out in prayer

Thanks to all for a great post this morning.  Guys were flat out working out there and the accountability was strong.

Nemo, Deadbolt and Chips on an EC run

Lipton on an EC Murph