With gloomy skies unclear of their plans 16 brave souls joined for the Thin Blue Line Saturday morning. 1st lesson: if you are “on-time” you are late. If you are early, you are on time.

Start with a warm up jog around the field 2x

Circle up in center:
1st exercise the single burpee
SSH x 20
the double burpee
Good Morning x 10
the triple burpee
Imperial Walkers x 10
4 burpees
The Willie Mays-Hayes x10
5 burpees
Mtn Climbers x 20
6 burpees
Arm circles x 10
7 burpees

The Thang:
Do you remember in gym class or with your sports team when you would do suicide drills? When you did them in gym class or on your team you did then just for 1 F “Fitness”. At F3, that is just too easy. Try on the Suicide pyramid challenge for size!

1) Start on the in-line and sprint to the box. At the box line drop and complete 20 single count mtn climbers. Sprint back and plank it out until the PAX is done.
2) Repeat step 1 + sprint to the mid line, drop and complete 10 single count merkins. Sprint back and plank it out.
3) Repeat steps 1 & 2 above + sprint to the far box line, drop and complete 20 parker peters. Sprint back and plank.
4) Repeat steps 1, 2, & 3 above + sprint to the far in-line, and complete 10 burpees. Sprint back and plank.
** At this point the PAX was confident they were done with the suicide drills. However, YHC withheld the fact at the beginning of the workout that we would be doing this drill pyramid style… The glimmer of hope in everyone’s eyes disappeared quickly when they realized we were not done.
4) In pyramid style, sprint to the far box line, drop and complete 20 parker peters, sprint back. Sprint to mid-line, 10 merkins, sprint back. Sprint to the near box line, drop and complete 20 mtn climbers, sprint back and plank.
5) Mid-line, merkins, sprint back. Near box-line, mtn climbers, sprint back and plank
6) Near box-line, mtn climbers, sprint back and plank.

Dying here Weurffel reminds the group that we are just under half-way done. Most did not appreciate the reminder.

Recovery jog to the rock pile. YHC, attempting to “lead” grabs a XL, floyd sized rock. In hindsight, Beaker’s first rock that could be held between 2 fingers might have been a more wise decision for what was to follow. As we line up for the next exercise, the skies decide to bless us with a nice slow steady rain, drenching all but Charlie for whom we took a brief “rain break” in order to gather jackets & blankets to make sure he stayed dry in the stroller.

Then begins the Indian run with rocks… Pace varied wildly during this event. YHC lost count of the laps we completed. At each soccer goal we would stop and complete an exercise:
-Overhead press x20
-Forward press (straight out from chest) while in a squatting position x10
-Incline Merkins (hands on rocks) x10
-Decline Merkins (feet on rocks) x10
-Air squats x20
-Merkins R hand on ground L hand on rock & switch x 6 each arm

Side by side along the mid-line, complete one exercise then roll to the opposite side (if on back, roll to stomach, if on stomach, roll to back). No rest for the weary between sets.
Peter Parker
Freddie Mercuries
Parker Peters
Low slow flutter
Bows & toes plank
*rinse & repeat


-Next Wednesday is 1 year anniversary of F3 Chapel Hill. Come out to Rameses and bring your other F3 brothers for a record setting PAX!
-October 10th GoRuck in Chapel Hill…. still time to sign up
-November 1st: F3 Durham/Chapel Hill Pig Pickin’. We are hoping to get all of our local F3 guys along with their families together. This would also be a great opportunity to get some other men who NEED F3 to come join and get to know the PAX.

-Knoxville and his wife with the birth of their child (she must be part yellow jacket)
-Continued health for those expecting new family additions

(posted for Chachi)